We often get suspect email forwarded to the IT Service Desk from staff asking us to ‘warn’ other members of staff that a suspect/junk/fake email is being circulated.  Simply DELETE any email which you feel is suspect. There is no need to forward it to the IT Service Desk.  Call us if you want our advice on whether it’s genuine.

Our spam filters process over 1 million email items every month coming into the University, but a small number will sneak through the filters every day –  too many for us to send alerts every time.

We have more advice for staff on dealing with junk email on our wiki – please do take a look here https://go.edgehill.ac.uk/display/itservices/Junk+spam+email

Email relating to your Edge Hill network/email account will only ever be sent from the IT Service Desk Edge Hill email account – if you receive alerts from any other source, they’re fake.

In short, remain vigilant!