A spot of revision time.  Please take a moment to protect yourself when online.  These guidelines apply equally whether you’re at home or at work, a member of staff or a student.  Or even just someone who has stumbled upon this page …

Governance … Don’t break the law, do abide by the University regulations and policies, and do observe the regulations of any third parties whose facilities you access.

Identity … Don’t allow anyone else to use your IT credentials (your username/password), don’t disguise your online identify and don’t attempt to obtain or use anyone else’s.

Infrastructure … Don’t put the University’s IT facilities at risk by introducing malware, interfering with hardware or loading unauthorised software.  You are welcome to bring your own device and connect to Eduroam with your credentials.

Information … Safeguard all personal data, respect other people’s information and don’t abuse copyright material.  Remember that mobile devices may not be a secure way to handle information.

Behaviour … Don’t waste IT resources, interfere with others’ legitimate use or behave towards others in a way that would not be acceptable in the physical world.

These are not a replacement for knowing the full regulations but a starter for 10.  Always check if you’re unsure about what you’re doing.  That’s what the IT Service Desk is here for … amongst other things … including application queries, purchasing and procurement, file and folder access and management, licencing, telephones amongst many other things.

First version published in 2016 https://www.edgehill.ac.uk/itservices/model-regulations/ but it all still applies!