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As part of the remit of the Institute a series of public seminars will be organised each year, and wherever possible we will record the event.

ISR INAUGURAL LECTURE: Thursday 23rd January 2020
‘A Russian Retrospective: Myths, Misogyny and Management’
Professor Jo Crotty, ISR Director
Video: YouTube

ISR SEMINAR SERIES: Wednesday 20th November 2019
‘Using the Creative Industries for Good: Equality, Ecofeminism and Ethical Living’
Rachel McClelland, CEO and Founder, Planet Shine
Video: YouTube

ISR BOOK LAUNCH: Thursday 14th November 2019
‘Trophy Hunting, A Psychological Perspective’
with author Prof Geoff Beattie, Edge Hill University
Video: YouTube

ISR LAUNCH EVENT: Friday 27th September 2019
‘Afternoon Tea with an MEP’
Jane Brophy, North West MEP
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: Friday 5th April 2019
‘The Psychological Costs of Inequality’
Prof Richard Wilkinson
Video: YouTube

5th Annual Event: Thursday 15th November 2018
‘Land of Promise’
The Town & Country Planning Association
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: Thursday 14th June 2018
‘Neoliberalism, Marketisation and Higher Education’
Prof Roger Brown (Southampton Solent University)
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: Thursday 21st May 2018
‘Merseyside health – why is it worse than elsewhere?’
Dr Axel Kaehne (Edge Hill University)
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: Thursday 23rd April 2018
‘Adult Literacy – Between the lines; trauma, attachment and relational sciences’
Linno Rhodes
Video: YouTube

4th Annual Lecture: Thursday 16th November 2017
Never Again – Social Class and Housing Policy After Grenfell’
Lynsey Hanley
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: Thursday 27th April 2017
‘Technical and Professional Education: Twenty Years of Policy Making’
Olly Newton (The Edge Foundation)
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: Wednesday 26th April 2017
The inevitability of boundaries and boundary work: disability reform and integration of services
Prof Helen Dickinson (University of New South Wales)
Video: YouTube

Public Event: Thursday 1st December 2016
Following a screening of this thought provoking documentary, there was a Q&A session with the Director, Yiannis Koufonikos (Edge hill University) and the UK producer, Tim Kelly (Coventry University)
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: Thursday 27th October 2016
Blending, braiding and balancing: combining informal and formal methods of working with communities.
Dr Alison Gilchrist
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: Wednesday 12th October 2016
The Role and Relevance of Interdisciplinary Research in Community Activism in a Post Brexit United Kingdom.
Dr Ornette D Clennon (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: Tuesday 14th April 2016
If integration is the answer, what was the question?  What next for health and social care partnerships.
Professor Jon Glasby (University of Birmingham)
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: Tuesday 22nd March 2016
Researching Public Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Professor Joyce Liddle (Aix Marseille University)
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: Tuesday 1st March 2016
Economic Inequality: A messy social problem
Dr Nat O’Connor (Ulster University)
Video YouTube

Public Lecture: Tuesday 16th February 2016
Disruptive change: a social good or a waste of people’s lives?
Prof Carolyn Kagan (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Video: YouTube

3rd Annual Lecture: Tuesday 9th February 2016
Inequality: the Enemy Between Us
Prof Kate Pickett (University of York)
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: 15th July 2015
UK Governance Towards 2020
Prof Professor Duncan McTavish (Glasgow Caledonian University)
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: 14th May 2015
Electocracy with Accountabilities? England and Wales’ novel public governance model of Police and Crime Commissioners.
Prof John Raine (University of Birmingham)
Video: YouTube

Public Seminar: 25th March 2015
Older Care Home Residents & Sexuality/Intimacy
Older people’s understanding of sexuality: lessons from an ESRC funded research project and its implications for social and public policy.
Video: YouTube

2nd Annual Lecture: 4th February 2015
It ain’t what you know, it’s who knows it: User involvement and the secret of knowledge.
Prof Peter Beresford (Brunel University London)
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: 2nd December 2014
Understanding Forced Marriage
Dr Khatidja Chantler (University of Central Lancashire)
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: 19th November 2014
Can participative research emerge from “non-participative” settings? Negotiating community connections and collaborations in health research.
Professor Fiona Poland (University of East Anglia)
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: 8th October 2014
Relational Expertise – the key to successful inter-professional working
Professor Anne Edwards (University of Oxford)
Video: YouTube

Public Lecture: 1st October 2014
Higher Education 2025: Familiar landscape or another country
Professor Peter Scott (Institute of Education)
Video: YouTube

Institute Launch – Keynote Lecture: 4th February 2014
The Social Impact of Inequality
Professor Richard Wilkinson
Video: YouTube

2014/15 Lecture Programme
Professor John Diamond, Director of the Institute for Public Policy and Professional Practice (I4P), provides an overview of the institute’s lectures and events programme for 2014 and 2015.
Video: YouTube



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