ISR Research Clusters

ISR is pleased to support and promote these research centres, groups and networks at Edge Hill University:

Research Centres

Centre for Human Animal Studies (CfHAS)

The Centre for Human Animal Studies (CfHAS) is an interdisciplinary forum for research and activities that engage with the complex material, ethical and symbolic relationships between humans and other animals. CfHAS brings together scholars from the arts and humanities, social sciences and natural sciences to examine how rethinking our relations with animals can create meaningful social, policy, environmental, ethical and cultural change. For more information please check out the CfHAS Homepage

Child Protection and Safeguarding in Sport (CPSS)

The Centre for Child Protection and Safeguarding in Sport (CPSS) is at the forefront of research on the prevention of abuse, exploitation and maltreatment in sport. CPSS produces high-quality research evidence that informs policy and practice. We work with many organisations and agencies – local, national and international – from the sport, child protection, and safeguarding sector, as well as current athletes and coaches. In particular, we work with and alongside individuals directly affected by abuse in a sports context. CPSS Homepage

International Centre on Racism (ICR)

The ICR is a multi-disciplinary research centre. We conduct international research and consultancy, organise academic meetings on new global challenges, and provide workshops for civil society. The work of the ICR is supported by partnerships in Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, along with experts in Australia, North America, and across the UK. For more information please check out the ICR Homepage

Research Groups & Networks

Action for Refugees (AfR)

Promoting a multi-faceted, positive response to the refugee crisis that includes learning from the experiences, skills and knowledge of all involved.  For more information please check out the Action for Refugees Homepage and the Action for Refugees Blog.

Critical Autism Studies Research Network

The Critical Autism Studies Network takes its membership from academic research staff across the University, including research students and autistic people from the different faculties and student body. This group uses their shared expertise, experiences and insight to inform discussion,  approaches and decision making in relation to critical and autism positive approaches to autism.  Although focused on autism, the network encourages membership from individuals with an interest in other forms of cognitive difference, that sit under the umbrella of ‘neurodiversity’.  For more information please check out the Critical Autism Studies Network Homepage.

Evidence Network for Renting (EN4R)

The Evidence Network for Renting (En4R) bring together academics, policymakers and, stakeholders across the UK who are working on issues related to renting. We are a knowledge-exchange hub which seeks to support the development of research on novel issues affecting members and which seeks collaborative, interdisciplinary and cross-sector approaches that help us to develop evidence-informed policies on renting.

For more information please check out the EN4R Homepage

Migration Working Group-North West (MWG-NW)

Migration Working Group-North West (MWG-NW) brings together academics, organisations and practitioners working on migration who are either based in the North West of the UK, or researching migration in this region. Edge Hill University academics’ work touches upon a wide range of topics within the field of migration, such as migrants’ integration, diasporas and representation, refugee law and policy, locality and diversity, and arts, health and wellbeing. For more information please check out the MWG-NW Homepage

Participative and Action Research Network

The Participative and Action Research Network encompasses research which is participative and community focused. It includes participatory research, community research, action research, design-based research, practitioner research and other forms of research which aim to be inclusive, researching with participants, rather than on participants.  For more information please check out the Participative and Action Research Network Homepage


SustainNET was established in February 2020 as a network of individuals who are passionate about sustainability.  Based at Edge Hill University the network is outward-looking and keen to involve local community partners.  For more information please check out the SustainNET Homepage

more coming soon…

EHU Staff: If you are a member of staff and are considering creating a new research network or group, please visit our wiki page.

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