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Public Lecture: 23rd September 2014

The Regeneration of East Manchester since 2010: Decline or Survival?

Dr Georgina Blakeley & Professor Brendan Evans

East Manchester has been the site of one of the most substantial regeneration projects internationally, and was a central plank of New Labour policy. Since the election of the Coalition Government in 2010 policy has altered dramatically, partly as a response to the recession, but also on ideological grounds. As a result funding has been denuded and many of the structures involved in the regeneration project, most particularly New East Manchester and the Beacons New Deal for Communities have disappeared. Since the project was based on a partnership between central and local government, Manchester City Council is still attempting, without the previous input from the central state, to maintain the activities and are working with a new partner, Manchester City Football Club. This is testing a market based rather than a state-led approach to regeneration and confronts serious challenges. The paper explores current and likely future trends and asks the fundamental questions of whether a sports-driven regeneration strategy can be effective and can the entire regeneration initiative survive?

Date: 23rd September 2014

5.30pm Registration and Refreshments
6.00pm Lecture
7.00pm Refreshments and Networking

Venue: Business School at Edge Hill University (Directions).

Registration: closed

Dr Georgina Blakeley
Georgina Blakeley Profile PhotoGeorgina is a Senior Lecturer at the Open University and previously was a Principal Lecturer in Politics and Head of Division at the University of Huddersfield. She obtained a PhD at the University of Bradford in the area of Spanish Politics. Her focus was on the urban regeneration of Barcelona. In addition to her work with Brendan Evans, including the book, The Regeneration of East Manchester published by Manchester University Press in 2013, she has published widely on Spanish Politics and political theory.

Professor Brendan Evans
Brendan Evans Profile PhotoBrendan was Head of politics, Dean of School and Pro Vice-Chancellor at the University of Huddersfield and is now an Emeritus Professor. He obtained his PhD from the University of Manchester on Anglo-American political linkages In addition to his collaborative work with Dr Blakeley he has published widely on political themes such as party politics, political ideology, labour market and education policy-making.

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