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I4P Event: 28th June 2016

A Good Society:
A Collaborative Conversation

I4P and the Webb Memorial Trust

On Tuesday 28th June 2016, at the House of Commons Katy Goldstraw and John Diamond from I4P presented an interim research document entitled A Good Society: A Collaborative Conversation at an event hosted by the all Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty (APPGPoverty).

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This discussion paper was part of a Webb Memorial Trust funded research project being undertaken by Edge Hill University’s Institute for Public Policy and Professional Practice and summarized themes emerging from their research into what makes a Good Society?

The event was split into two sections. The first session examined Civil Societies’ response to Food Aid. In conversation with Adrian Curtis, Foodbank Network Director at The Trussell Trust, Professor John Diamond and Dr Katy Goldstraw from Edge Hill University presented interim findings on the response of civil society to poverty and inequality in the UK through the lens of food aid. The research asked the questions; what is the role of civil society in building a Good Society? Should the voluntary sector be providing essential services?

The second session focused on the research conducted with Fairness Commissions. The event considered how are Fairness Commissions tackling inequality and poverty at a local level in the context of national spending cuts?

Hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty, this event took place in the House of Commons, London.

Download the report: A Good Society – A Collaborative Conversation

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Learn more about I4P’s work with the Webb Memorial Trust

This discussion paper is part of an ongoing Webb Memorial Trust funded research project being undertaken by Edge Hill University’s Institute for Public Policy and Professional Practice in order to research concepts of a Good Society.  The Webb Memorial Trust has funded a range of projects in the UK, helping to create a better informed debate about poverty, its causes and solutions.

Professor John Diamond is the Director of I4P, Edge Hill University. In 2014 John co-researched a national study funded by the Webb Memorial Trust examining the role of Fairness Commissions. He has worked with the North West Regional Youth Work Unit on a number of different initiatives, including their 2014 report into Youth Employment – Simple Truths. In 2015 John was invited to give the Annual Keib Thomas Memorial Lecture. He is currently the national chair of the Association for Research with Voluntary and Community Organisations.

Katy Goldstraw is a Research Assistant at I4P, Edge Hill University and a PhD Student at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). Katy also runs The Volunteer Training Company and works as an Associate Lecturer for both MMU and Edge Hill Universities.


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