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As part of the remit of the Institute a series of public seminars is organised each year. During the coming year ISR will host a number of events (the majority of which are open to the public) covering such themes as, Health and Well Being, and the User and Community Engagement in Service Reform.  Find out more about ISR here.

EHU Staff: If you are having an event that relates to the ISR remit, and would like to explore ISR event support, please visit our wiki page.

27th Sep 2021

Critical Awards in Television 2021

We invite you to place your vote now! The Critical Awards in Television are an award of a different kind: rather than celebrating best programme, best performance, best script, the Critical Awards in Television want to celebrate television in the way that we value it: this year, by drawing attention to the service it has rendered to us by giving us comfort during Covid, by celebrating those productions that came up with clever ways of dealing with Covid restrictions so that they could continue to be made, by celebrating writers who found alternative ways of telling stories and by celebrating future television makers (who are currently students) who have come up with clever ways of making television in these difficult times. Vote now!
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12th Oct 2021 18:00

LAUNCH EVENT: Spanish and Latin American Studies Research Group (ESAL)

We invite you to join us at the launch of the Research Group in Spanish and Latin American Studies (ESAL) at Edge Hill University. At this inaugural event we welcome special guests the Paraguayan Ambassador, Genaro V. Pappalardo, who will bring us closer to Paraguay, Dr Joaquín Cortés who will talk about colonialism in Latin America, and Professor Anthony Grant who will share with us his knowledge about languages in contact.
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27th Oct 2021 18:00

What Makes a Good Arts Venue?

Mary Cloake, CEO Bluecoat Liverpool
This event is the latest in the series of ISR’s ‘What Makes A Good Society?’ sessions which are intended to engage the public, professionals and practitioners as well as academics. This latest session welcomes Mary Cloake, CEO of The Bluecoat Liverpool, who will ask ‘What Makes a Good Arts Venue?’
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10th Nov 2021 13:00


The Centre for Child Protection and Safeguarding in Sport (CPSS) invites you to join them at the inaugural session of its seminar series for Autumn 2021. Supported by the Institute for Social Responsibility (ISR) this seminar will be a special event with two internationally renowned experts speaking to topics that align with the CPSS Mission Statement of contributing to enhanced safeguarding knowledge and practice to promote and protect the welfare of children and adults in sport.
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25th Nov 2021 18:00

What makes for a Good Flourishing Society?

Eri Mountbatten-O’Malley, Bath Spa University
This event is the latest in the series of ISR’s ‘What Makes A Good Society?’ sessions which are intended to engage the public, professionals and practitioners as well as academics. This latest session welcomes Eri Mountbatten-O’Malley, Senior lecturer in Education policy at Bath Spa University, who will ask ‘What makes for a Flourishing Society?’
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1st Dec 2021 18:00

Repopulating and Decolonising Historiography is not Political Correctness – it is History

Dr Onyeka Nubia (FRHistS), The University of Nottingham
ISR is delighted to be welcoming Dr Onyeka Nubia, a pioneering and internationally recognised historian, writer and presenter who is reinventing our perceptions of the Renaissance, British history, Black Studies and intersectionalism. In this lecture, looking at topics of repopulating the curriculum, decolonisation, critical race theory, institutional racism, and privilege, we will ask the question ‘What is an inclusive pedagogy?’.
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2021 18:00

What Does a Good Non-executive Director on a Public-Sector Board Look Like Today?

Dr Joy Tweed, University of Westminster
Over the past couple of decades, the expectations and requirements for a non-executive director (NED) in the public sector have changed. There’s been shifts in terminology from lay members to NEDs and differing expectations of whether the role is one of representing the views of local people/service users or the contribution of particular business skills to good corporate governance. Is ‘lived experience’ or local knowledge valued or are business skills from the private sector preferred? In this seminar Joy will draw on her experience and research to consider what a ‘good’ NED and ‘good governance’ might look like as we move into a new era of integrated care systems.
This event has been postponed to later in the year, date TBC.

Disclaimer: The views of the speakers do not represent the views of the University.  Any under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

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