Study Abroad

Edge Hill University Main buildingThe Study Abroad Programme at Edge Hill is a short programme for students who wish to study in the UK at Edge Hill University for one or two semesters. Students remain enrolled at their home institution and will achieve UK credit at the end of their studies at Edge Hill to transfer to their home institution degree programme.

Entry Criteria:

  • A GPA of 2.75. Please note that all applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and circumstances which may have affected a student’s GPA will be taken into account;
  • You must have completed your first year of university;
  • You must be in good standing with your home institution.

Study Abroad Information Booklet

Study Abroad Booklet

Study Abroad Semester Dates

Fall 2017
Arrivals14th and 15th September 2017
Orientation18th – 22nd September 2017
Last day of classes15th December 2017
Departure16th & 17th December 2017
Spring 2018
Arrivals4th & 5th January 2018
Orientation8th – 12th January 2018
Easter vacation26th March to 13th April 2018
Assessment period 1st May 2018 - 11th May 2018
Last day of programme 11th May 2018

  • Tuition
  • Accommodation on campus in a single room
  • Collection from Manchester/Liverpool Airport (or the train stations as specified on the pre-departure webpage). Please note that students who arrive outside of the designated dates will have to meet the cost of their transfer to the University.
  • Meal package which provides up to 12 meals each week
  • Services of the International Office
Most undergraduate courses in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) are open to Study Abroad students. We also offer courses in the Faculties of Health and Education.
You select your own programme of study (subject to availability of courses and timetabling constraints).
You should select classes that:

  • are relevant to your studies
  • will fulfil your academic requirements at your home institution

We will advise you about your selections and will not approve classes that are inappropriate for you. When necessary we liaise with academic advisors at home campuses to ensure that students meet the prerequisites for Edge Hill University classes.

How our degree programmes work

Edge Hill University degree programmes follow the traditional British degree system which usually allows students to complete their degree in three years.
Students in the UK follow either a single subject or joint honours programme throughout their degree course. This means that the students focus upon their chosen area of study from the start of their degree.
We recommend that in you should select classes from the equivalent year of study in your home country. If, for example, you are in the first year of your degree, you should select classes from the first year of our degree programmes. If you have no prior knowledge of a subject, you should not select third year courses as you will not have the background required to have a positive outcome to your study.
You are able to select classes that will meet major, minor or general education requirements at your home institution. It is your responsibility to:

  • establish course equivalences
  • obtain agreement that your home institution will accept classes taken at Edge Hill University and transfer the credits

Course Transfer

We recommend that you obtain approval from your home institution at the time of applying to study at Edge Hill. If needed, we can usually e-mail you or your Advisor a full syllabus to assist with the credit transfer process.

A class, which is referred to as a module in the UK, is a self-contained package of education taught during a single academic semester or over whole year.

Assessments will be set at various points over the semester. Wherever possible, Study Abroad students will take the validated assessment. Visiting students may choose from a range of courses and may take classes across faculties and departments. Acceptance on these courses is subject to academic prerequisites, timetabling constraints and ceilings on enrolments.

The course catalogue indicates the suggested UK credit values of our courses. A normal semester course load is 12 US credits (60 UK credits). This can usually achieved by taking 3 x 20UK credit (4 US credit) courses or a combination of 2 and 4 credit courses. To ensure a positive student experience, we would not advise students to exceed 15 US credits (80 UK credits) during their time at Edge Hill University.

Course Code

The first three letters of the course code indicate the subject area to which the course belongs. The first numerical digit of the code corresponds to the level of study, i.e. LNG2100 is a UK second year course equivalent to a Junior level course in the United States. As indicated above, students should select courses which are at an appropriate level and consistent with their existing level of study.

Note: The contents of these resources are for information purposes only and should not be viewed as the basis of a contract between the student and the University. No guarantee is given that courses will not be altered, cancelled, substituted or otherwise amended at any time.

Study Abroad Catalogue – 2017-18

StStudy Abroad Modules 2017-18 les 2017-18

Please note that whilst every effort has been made to make this catalogue up to date all course are subject to change. Please read the guidance at the start of the catalogue

Updated 20.6.17

Edge Hill offers visiting students the opportunity to participate in the field experience in education. An early application is essential.
The field experience provides opportunities for students to take study abroad courses and explore the British education system first-hand by spending one day per week observing classes in a local school. Applicants must have completed at least two courses in education, psychology or a related field. This is not a credit bearing course, but students will be supported during their time at school.
Please contact the International Office for further details on price.
Please note that a police background check MUST be submitted if required by the International Office. UK law requires this for anyone who works in a school or other environment where minors or vulnerable adults are present. A police search at State level is required and where available should include fingerprint checks by the FBI. The results of your police background check should be sent to one of our US offices as early as possible and certainly before you depart for the UK. Please visit the following website for your application and further information:
FBI – Criminal Background Check.

In order to comply with UK immigration laws, students wishing to undertake a field experience or internship will have to apply for a Tier 4 student visa. See the information below, which will take you through the Worldbridge Visa Services website which will take you through the process Visa Information Service.

If you encounter any problems in applying for your visa, or have any queries at all regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact us at and your e-mail will be passed to the appropriate person in the International Office.

You should keep all module (class) guides given to you by your tutors to take back to your home college.
At the end of your semester or year of study an Edge Hill transcript will be sent to your home institution. This details the classes you have taken, credit values and grades achieved. It will be at the discretion of your home institution to decide how to transfer the credits that you have received whilst at Edge Hill University.
Students from the US in receipt of Financial Aid must check with the Financial Aid Office at their home institution about the procedures while studying abroad.
Please check with the international education office at your college or university to see how they would like you to apply.

Applications from USA and North America

directly to:

Jason W. Keeling
Head of North American Study Abroad Operations
Edge Hill Ohio Office
679 Overbrook Drive

Telephone: 1 (614) 562 7181

Elinor Balensuela
North American Study Abroad Recruiter
5300 Nottingham Drive

Telephone: 1 (812) 229 1545

Applications from all other countries

International Office
Edge Hill University
St Helens Road
L39 4QP
United Kingdom

Telephone: 00 44 1695 657122

  • through a study abroad provider such as CCIS

We prefer to receive applications that have already been submitted to and approved by the international education office at your home university.
If you do not use this route, you must obtain permission to study at Edge Hill from your Academic advisor/departmental chair.

Financial Aid from Home Institutions

Edge Hill University is not able to administer any financial aid or scholarships that Study Abroad students would normally receive through their home institution.

What to submit

There are four documents that you must complete and submit to be considered for this programme:

  • application checklist
  • application form including references, one of which must be academic
  • course selection form

Please also submit the following documents:

  • official college/university transcript for your studies to date. This should show the classes you are currently enrolled in – if not, please provide this information on a separate sheet
  • a 250–300 word personal statement explaining why you want to study abroad and what you expect to gain
  • a photocopy of the biometric details page of your passport

Some subject areas impose a maximum limit to the number of Study Abroad students that they will accept, so we advise applying early.

Application deadlines

  • For the fall semester and full academic year programmes of study, your documents should arrive by 1st June.
  • For the spring semester programme of study, your documents should arrive by 1st December.

Application forms