Brad Hodge

Brad Hodge- Regional Manager

Brad Hodge- Regional Manager

Hello, my name is Brad Hodge and I am the Regional Manager for China, Hong Kong, Macau and Vietnam. I am also the main contact for any partner universities and agents from these areas.

My job role involves me travelling to the above countries to meet prospective students who want to study with us at various fairs, school tours and events. I also play an active role in updating social media accounts with the latest news from the International Office.

I really enjoy going to new places and experiencing the culture, people (and food) of that country.

If you are a student from any of the above countries and would like any help or advice then please contact me.  I am also always happy to meet any students in their home countries if required.

Favourite food: Peanut Butter

Favourite Town/City: San Francisco

Stanley 7

T: +44 (0)1695 657 126