Learning Facilitators

If you are eligible for the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA) you may be recommended Non Medical Helper support. (NMH).

At Edge Hill University we refer to non-medical helpers as Learning Facilitators (LFs).

A Learning Facilitator is a fully qualified professional. S/he works alongside members of your academic department and yourself to provide practical support. This can include: library support and research, study mentoring, note-taking, accessing facilities and equipment around the campus.

Edge Hill employs a team of highly experienced LFs supplemented by the services of an external agency.

As part of our good practice, it is not recommended that students employ their friends or a relative to carry out these support activities.

A LF may also assist with the following areas:

  • Study mentor
  • Study skills support
  • Scribe / reader (lectures and/or exams)
  • Mobility assistance/guiding
  • Organisation and time management

More information about the role and functions of LFs can be obtained from the Inclusive Services team.