Dyslexia Checklist

Please take a look at the checklist and choose the relevant statements which are persistent difficulties for you.  If you have identified with 8 or more of these statements  and  feel there are key statements which do relate to your experience in terms of learning, please get in touch.  You may have a  Specific Learning Difficulty, such as, dyslexia or dyspraxia, and may require an Informal Assessment.

For further advice and guidance, please contact the SpLD Support Team by:
01695 584372
01695 584018 (to make or change an appointment)
In person (at the Ormskirk site): 1st Floor, University Library

1. Do you sometimes confuse letters when writing, such as ‘b’ with ‘d’?
2. Do you often mix up numbers, for example, 95 and 59?
3. Do you have problems finding the right words to express yourself, either written or verbal or both?
4. Do you have difficulty in telling left from right?
5. Do you mix up dates and times and miss appointments?
6. Do you avoid using some words because you cannot spell them?
7. Do you have words that you regularly mis-spell, for example, ‘were’ and ‘where’?
8. Do you find it difficult to remember the sense of what you have just read?
9. Do you find completing forms difficult and confusing?
10. Did you have difficulty in learning to read at school?
11. Do you generally dislike reading?
12. Do you have difficulty with reading notices in everyday situations, such as in a doctor’s surgery, a rail timetable, a notice board?
13. Do you avoid reading aloud?
14. Do words blur or move on the page?
15. Do you lose your place or miss out lines when reading?
16. Do you have trouble reading road signs, maps or generally finding your way to a strange place?
17. When you have to say a long word, do you sometimes find it difficult to get all the sounds in the right order?
18. Do you have difficulty with listening and writing at the same time?
19. When using the telephone, do you tend to get the numbers mixed up when you dial?
20. Do you have problems with planning, organising and managing time, materials and tasks?
21. Do you have problems following instructions or oral directions?
22. Is your handwriting untidy or difficult to read?


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