Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is additional software or hardware that can assist you in your studies.  The software can be loaded on to a PC to enable the user to access information in alternative formats and produce information using multisensory techniques. This software is suitable for all learners.

At Edge Hill, Inspiration® software and TextHelp Read & Write® are accessible on all PCs across the university, including Aintree and Chorley.

TextHelp Read & Write ®

texthelpThis software can read most typed information aloud from the computer to help identify grammatical errors and proof read written work. It also includes an advanced spell-checker, dictionary, thesaurus and many other features.

Inspiration ®

This is a visual-learning or mind mapping tool, which supports all aspects of planning your work. Inspiration® is a very useful revision tool.

ZoomText magnifier ®

Provides multiple, on-screen magnification options and basic speech features and is available in the University Library and the LINC building (Ormskirk).

Edge Hill has a range of ergonomic hardware and equipment to improve accessibility. Some digital recorders, handheld personal organisers and laptops are available for loan to students’ who are waiting for DSA funding. Please contact the Inclusive Services Team for more information.

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