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YouTube: In Conversation with Ken McMullen; ‘Art, Poetry & Particle Physics’
Edge Hill University, 30th January 2019
John Berger was a highly respected writer and critic. He consistently talked about the necessity of collaboration and sought to represent the downtrodden. He was also a winner of the Booker Prize and wrote one of the most influential books on art of our time, Ways of Seeing. In Ken McMullen’s engaging and accessible film, he travels to the world’s biggest particle physics laboratory at CERN in Geneva. The film charts an extraordinary and wide-ranging series of discussion and collaborations between Berger and the leading theoretical and experimental physicists John March-Russell and Michael Doser.
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YouTube: A Masterclass with Heidi Thomas: Women in TV & Film
Edge Hill University, 28th November 2018
Dubbed the ‘Queen of primetime TV drama’, Heidi Thomas is a multi-award winning screenwriter, producer and playwright. She is best known as the creator of the high-profile BBC TV series Call the Midwife and for her TV adaptation of the classic novel, Little Women.
Heidi will be in conversation with ICE Associate Director Professor Roger Shannon, discussing her writing and producing career in the context of women in film and TV, as well the centenary of women’s suffrage.
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YouTube: TATE in Conversation: Op Art in Focus
Edge Hill University, 7th November 2018
Op art – short for optical art – emerged in the 1960s, combining lines, geometric shapes and eye-popping colour to create artworks that fool the eye. Tate Liverpool’s latest exhibition Op Art in Focus, moves beyond the typical period of op art and includes works by more contemporary artists such as Angela Bulloch.  Join curator of Op Art in Focus Darren Pih (Tate Liverpool), for a discussion about the dazzling displays on show from pioneering artists of the 1960’s to the present day. Darren will be in conversation with Edge Hill University Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader, Dr Alex Jukes.
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YouTube: Film Screening & Q&A ‘Female Human Animal’
Edge Hill University, 24th October 2018
Shot in the real-life contemporary art world of Liverpool and London, Female Human Animal is a psycho-thriller about a creative woman disenchanted with what modern life has to offer her. Edge Hill University has supported the film since shooting began in 2015. Dr Lora Morkova and Dr Stephen Forcer will be in conversation with ICE Associate Director, Professor Roger Shannon, following the film screening.
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YouTube: Geoff Beattie: ‘The Body’s Little Secrets’
Edge Hill University, 22nd May 2018
Professor Geoff Beattie will be in discussion about his new book with novelist and screenwriter, Helen Cross, whose award winning and Yorkshire set debut ‘My Summer Of Love’ was adapted for the screen. This event takes place at Edge Hill University. #FOI18
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YouTube: In Conversation about My Letter to the World
Edge Hill University, 17th May 2018
ICE is delighted to host this special screening of ‘My Letter to the World’, a documentary that provides an in-depth exploration of Emily Dickinson’s life and work.  The screening will be introduced by Director, Sol Papadopoulos: A six-time winner of the Royal Television Award and twice BAFTA nominated, Sol began his creative life as a stills photographer before progressing on to moving image following a 16mm course at the National Film School. Following the screening, Sol will discuss the film in a Q&A with Dr Mari Hughes-Edwards, Reader in English Literature at Edge Hill University and Chair of GenSex, whose research focuses include poetry and Victorian/Neo-Victorian fiction.
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YouTube: ‘The Oxford Handbook of Dance And Wellbeing’
Edge Hill University, 23rd February 2018
Whole Day Book Launch:  Edited by Vicky Karkou (Edge Hill University), Sue Oliver, and Sophia Lycouris. The new Oxford Handbook of Dance and Wellbeing, a large text book of 1000 pages with over 90 contributors from around the world, examines dance and related movement practices from the perspectives of neuroscience and health, community and education, and psychology and sociology. In this day-long book launch, colleagues from the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, US and Argentina will present their contributions, discuss their perspectives and encourage participants to engage with the topic through performances and workshops.
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YouTube: In Conversation about Leonora Carrington
Edge Hill University, 24th January 2018
ICE hosted a film screening of ‘Leonora Carrington: The Lost Surrealist’, a new documentary produced by Rachel Hooper for Erica Starling Productions to complement the Centennial of Leonora Carrington (1917 – 2017). ICE Associate Director, Prof Roger Shannon, had been a consultant for the film, and following the screening he was joined in conversation by Dr Catriona McAra, Leeds College of Art, who co-edited the book ‘Leonora Carrington and the International Avant Garde’ Manchester University Press; 2017.
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YouTube: In Rude Health – Medical Dramas
Edge Hill University, 15th November 2017
Holby City script writer Joe Ainsworth and Story Producer Kate Hall, plus Prof Tim Woolford, Manchester Royal Infirmary. Brought to you by Edge Hill University’s Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE) and Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI), this event will present a discussion on how the dramatic portrayal of medical story lines complements, or clouds, public discussion of issues in the health profession. The event will take place at the Ormskirk Campus.
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YouTube: In Conversation with David Yip
Edge Hill University, 1st November 2017
David Yip is a celebrated Liverpool actor with an extensive career spanning over forty years. He has worked in Film, Television, Theatre, and Radio both in the UK and internationally. David will be joined in conversation by Professor Roger Shannon, the Associate Director of the University’s Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE). This event is in association with the Confucius Institute.
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YouTube: Various Sessions from the Symposium
Leonora Carrington Centenary Symposium
Edge Hill University, 30th June 2017
The Symposium will celebrate and bring into discussion the work and legacy of Lancastrian-born Surrealist artist Leonora Carrington (1917-2011).  The Centenary Symposium features a keynote from Catriona McAra, various panels and performances, and we will also welcome from Mexico City Gabriel Weisz Carrington, Leonora’s son, who will discuss Leonora’s work ‘In Conversation’.
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YouTube: ‘I am Not your Negro’ introduced by June Givanni
Edge Hill University, 21st June 2017
With images and archives prompted by James Baldwin’s writing, ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ has been dubbed a ‘cinematic séance’, and hailed as one of the best films about the American civil rights era. The film will be introduced and discussed by leading film writer, historian and archivist, June Givanni, a Guyanese born, London based film curator. A member of the Africa Movie Academy Award jury, she also specialises in the independent cinema of African Americans. June Givanni is also the founding Director of the June Givanni Pan African Cinema Archive.
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YouTube: In Conversation about Yves Klein
Edge Hill University, 22nd February 2017
Tate Liverpool and Edge Hill University’s Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE) present a public event to discuss the Tate exhibition ‘YVES KLEIN‘, with guest speaker Darren Pih, curator at Tate Liverpool. Yves Klein is considered a major figure in post-war European art. He was the leading member of the French artistic movement of Nouveau réalisme founded in 1960 by art critic Pierre Restany. Klein was a pioneer in the development of performance art, and is seen as an inspiration to, and as a forerunner of, Minimal art, as well as Pop art.
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YouTube: Martial Art
Tate Liverpool, 26th November 2016
Animation Staff from Edge Hill, along with some of the current Animation students undertook a performance event called ‘Martial Arts’ which was part of the ‘TATE EXCHANGE’ programme and related to the Yves Klein exhibition that is currently on at TATE Liverpool (until 5th March). The idea of the event was to look to see how Judo influenced movement and colour inspired by Yves Klein’s work could be used to create live-animation by way of capturing the movement of Judo experts by way of filming their movements to explore the use of movement, balance and colour.
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YouTube: In Conversation with Tony Garnett
Edge Hill University, 19th October 2016
Tony Garnett, the TV / Film producer, director and writer, whose memoir ‘The Day The Music Died: A Life Lived Behind The Lens’ was recently published. Described by Mark Thompson, previously the BBC’s Director General, as ‘simply the best television drama creator and producer there has ever been’, Tony Garnett’s career includes Cathy Come Home, BBC Wednesday Plays, Kes, Days of Hope, Beautiful Thing, This Life amongst a host of other drama productions.
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YouTube: Film Screening and Q&A ‘Deconstructing Zoe’
Edge Hill University, 11th May 2016
‘Deconstructing Zoe’ is a vivid and intimate portrait of a transgender actor. It is an exploration of gender, race and sexuality, seen through Zoe’s eyes. This Q&A session is with the film’s director, Rosa Fong, who will be joined in discussion about the film and its themes by Zoe, the subject of the documentary, and Dr Felicia Chan, lecturer in screen studies at the University of Manchester’s School of Arts, Languages and Cultures and the co editor of Genre in Asian Film and Television, Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.  
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YouTube: In Conversation with Jason Wood
Edge Hill University, 2nd March 2016
Jason Wood is the Artistic Director for Film at HOME, Manchester’s new centre for international contemporary arts, theatre and film, and also Visiting Professor at the Manchester School of Art, which is part of Manchester Met’ University.  He will introduce and discuss his recently published book, ‘New British Cinema – From Submarine to 12 Years A Slave’.
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YouTube: In Conversation with Terence Davies
Edge Hill University, 25th February 2016

Liverpool born Terence Davies, lauded as ‘Britain’s greatest living film maker’, has made an outstanding contribution to British cinema and culture and was awarded with an Honorary Doctorate by Edge Hill University in the Summer 2015. Terence returned to Edge Hill to discuss his film making career, focussing on his two most recent films, ‘Sunset Song’ and ‘A Quiet Passion’.
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YouTube: In Conversation with Jonathan Coe
Edge Hill University, 11th February 2016
Multi award winning novelist, Jonathan Coe discusses, and reads from, his latest, and eleventh, novel, ‘Number 11’, which was published on the 11th day of the 11th month, 2015.  Jonathan will be in conversation with Professor Roger Shannon, Director Edge Hill University’s Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE).
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YouTube: In Conversation with Kate Oakley
Edge Hill University, 3rd February 2016

Professor Oakley will be in conversation about Cultural Policies, Regional Development and Inequalities drawing on her extensive research into the recent culture of New Labour, whilst also posing questions about what might be the culture of the Northern Power House.  Kate will be joined in conversation by Eddie Berg, Creative Consultant, previously Director of BFI Southbank in London; Founder/ former CEO FACT, Liverpool.
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YouTube: In Conversation About: An Imagined Museum
Edge Hill University, 2nd December 2015
Tate Liverpool and ICE present a public event to discuss the Tate exhibition ‘An Imagined Museum: works from the Pompidou, Tate and MMK collections’ with guest speakers Darren Pih, curator at Tate Liverpool and Deborah Kermode, Deputy Director of Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.
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YouTube: Northern Power House and Cultural Policy
Edge Hill University, 11th November 2015
Dr Ben Walmsley (School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds)
This talk will present and critique the Northern Powerhouse concept from the perspective of the arts. It will explore how cultural policy and arts funding decisions are made, both in theory and in practice, and discuss tensions between funding priorities: should we be funding buildings, or audiences and art? By reviewing Arts Council England’s approach to funding in the English regions, the talk will also investigate the benefits of alternative business models in the performing arts, not least the relatively new national theatre companies in Scotland and Wales.
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YouTube: In Conversation About: Jackson Pollock
Edge Hill University, 15th October 2015
Join Dr Stephanie Straine, curator at Tate Liverpool, and Dr Catherine Marcangeli, curator of First Happenings: Adrian Henri in the ‘60s and ‘70s, at the ICA in London in 2014/15, as they discuss the life and work of Jackson Pollock. Pollock famously pioneered action painting, a process that saw him drip paint on canvass resting on the studio floor, and he is widely considered to be one of the most influential and provocative American artists of the twentieth century.
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YouTube: In Conversation About: Leonora Carrington
Edge Hill University, 29th April 2015
Learn more about the intriguing history and artistic practice of Leonora Carrington, who became a national treasure in Mexico thousands of miles from her origins in Chorley, Lancashire. Join Joanna Moorhead (Journalist, co writer of ‘Surreal Friends’ and cousin of Leonora Carrington) as she discusses the life and work of Leonora with Francesco Manacorda, Tate Liverpool’s Artistic Director.
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