Episode 6: Star of Stage & Screen, Rita Tushingham

Rita Tushingham

Photograph from ritatushingham.com

Born and raised in Hunts Cross, Liverpool, Rita Tushingham became the first significant female face of the British New Wave in Cinema.

Her career, beginning at just seventeen, started in the Liverpool Everyman theatre where Rita was quickly snapped up for a role in a film, leading her down to London. Starring in films such as ‘A Taste of Honey’, ‘Girl with Green Eyes’ and ‘The Knack’, Rita explains how her career was shaped by being cast in rather controversial roles.

Rita oozes charm and warmth and it’s clear that her feet have stayed firmly on the ground despite such a successful career that’s still ongoing now. Download the episode to hear how Rita talks passionately about coming from Liverpool and how her heart will always be with the city despite moving away to follow her career.

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