Series 3, Episode 3: Chef Patron of The Art School, Paul Askew

In a very timely episode, Martin McQuillan is joined this week by Chef Patron of The Art School restaurant, Paul Askew.


This week’s guest joins us at a time when the Liverpool City Region was the first area to be subject to the toughest lockdown restrictions in the Government’s new tier system. Being at the centre of such changes for the city, Paul Askew speaks honestly about what impact this will have on the region’s hospitality industry and what positives can be taken from the situation.

As one of the country’s top chefs, listeners can clearly hear Paul’s passion for the work that he does, so naturally the conversation moves on to discuss culinary art, how travel impacted his love of flavours and where the inspiration to climb the hospitality ladder came from.

“I think our household was very much about looking after people and having a good time and I think I used to love that as well…so I think of myself as somebody who likes the food and drink side but I’m driven by looking after people and giving them a good time and making sure they’re OK and creating an environment that’s right for them. I suppose latterly, that’s what I hope I’ve done at The Art School.”

Listeners can also hear why Paul is so passionate about sharing his expertise with the next generation and what ambitions he still has for his own career.

As lockdown continues to put barriers up for the nation’s hospitality industry, we wish Paul and his team at The Art School the best of luck in such trying times.

All episodes are recorded following social distance guidelines.

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