Episode 4: Journalist, Broadcaster & Expert in Media Activism, Paddy Hoey

Having made quite a name for himself in the journalism world, Dr Paddy Hoey, chats to us about what made him want to become a journalist and how that’s now evolved into being a broadcaster and expert in media activism.

When I came to do work experience, the careers teacher got me a placement in the local paper and it was the day of the East Midlands air disaster unfortunately and several people from our town were involved in it – two or three had died – and so the reporters who’d normally be doing the work for the local newspaper were out speaking to the bereaved families. So I ended up writing TV columns and turning news releases into stories for the paper. So when I got the paper in my hand on the Thursday, my first work experience had given me 4-5 stories.

Paddy speaks about growing up in Northern Ireland, where his inspiration to be a journalist came from and how his path has brought him to Liverpool. Paddy also shares his views on what role the media has in today’s society and the drastic changes that the industry has seen over the last twenty years

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