Series 2, Episode 3: Host of The Anfield Wrap & filmmaker, Neil Atkinson

It’s week three of series two, and the future of the Covid-19 pandemic is still uncertain. A question on the minds of many at the moment is, what’s going to happen to football? Can this season be finished? How will next season look? Martin McQuillan discusses just that with host of the Anfield Wrap podcast, Neil Atkinson.

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Since the early days, Neil has played a major part in what’s now a worldwide media phenomenon and has been instrumental in its success. As one of the business developers of the podcast – and everything else that comes with it – Neil takes listeners through the journey of where it all began and the story behind its success. We hear about the wider meaning of the podcast and what it means to Liverpool fans in a more cultural sense.

“I think a lot of the cultural markers and the way in which Liverpool speaks about itself is heavily orientated by really good work, but work none-the-less from the 70s and 80s. And I think what I began to be aware of was, there was stuff we were doing that was different…and all of that led to this real feeling of being part of a global community and that’s what people wanted from The Anfield Wrap. They wanted that feel of connection and closeness to a city.”

However, it’s not all football talk; Neil has many strings to his bow and shares the ups and downs of scriptwriting and making his first film, Native. 

We hear Neil’s path through education and his words of advice for anyone who’s interested in establishing a career in the media.

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