Series 2, Episode 9: Radio & TV Broadcaster, Janice Long

Joining us on this week’s episode of The Lonely Arts Club is Janice Long.

Janice Long at Edge Hill

Janice takes a trip down memory lane as she reflects on growing up in Liverpool.

Starting off her media career in the studios of BBC Radio Merseyside, we hear how this path then led Janice to become one of the first female broadcasters on BBC Radio One.

Making herself known in a male dominated industry was no mean feat and it wasn’t long before Janice became a household name. During this episode, Janice relives highlights like being the only female broadcaster to cover the Live Aid concert.

“I had a friend of mine, Andy Catlin and we decided to meet up and go to Live Aid at the same time, quite early so it was just as the sun was rising. We milled around and got our instructions and I remember standing on the stage and watching the people arrive and they were like little dots, you can imagine and they got bigger and bigger and bigger as they got towards the stage. And I remember being told that if Status Quo “if it doesn’t work, you go on”. And I was thinking, “I’m not a stand-up comedian, what the hell am I gonna do!?” But it worked and Tony Hadley and I just hugged each other and we were in tears!”

You can still catch Janice on BBC Radio Wales where she presents an evening show, Monday-Thursday from 7pm. Still passionate about giving a platform to new and upcoming artists, Janice speaks about what she’s listening to at the moment and who we should be listening out for.

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