Series 2, Episode 10: Former CEO of Channel 5 & Getty Images, Dawn Airey

In the penultimate episode of series two, we’re joined by Dawn Airey.

Dawn Airey HeadshotAfter graduating from Cambridge University, Dawn set out on what was to be a very colourful and successful career in media and television.

Admitting that she always felt like an outsider, Dawn wasn’t one for shying away and quickly made her mark wherever she worked despite being in a heavily male dominated industry.

“When Andy offered me the role, he said – and I was only 27 – ‘I want you to be Controller of Planning at Central’, and I said, ‘you’ve gotta be joking! I’ve no interest in that. A – I don’t quite know what it is, and B – it’s not Controller of News & Current Affairs’. He said, ‘well, what’s it gonna take? I’m gonna double your salary and what about a company car?’ Now at the time – this is very important – this is how careers can turn on very daft things. I had a Peugeot 106 and it was breaking down every month and costing me £200 to fix. So for a Ford Fiesta XR2, I became Controller of Planning, and the irony of that was, when it was delivered to Birmingham and I took it and parked it in the NCP carpark, the day I took delivery of it was stolen the same day. It was true! Knicked the same day!”

Dawn’s determination and hard work resulted in her successfully fulfilling roles such as Managing Director for Global (ITV), CEO of Channel 5 and running one of the world’s largest visual media companies, Getty Images.

Heading up teams that commissioned programmes such as Supermarket Sweep, This Morning and Father Ted, Dawn tells us all about the ups and downs of being in such powerful positions.

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