The Possibilities of Dreams

Leonora Carrington Exhibition

Museum of Art and History of Guanajuato
26th February – 24th May 2015
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Presentation of the 10 sculptures Carrington , originally from England. The exhibition runs until May 24 . PHOTO: Gustavo Becerra

The esplanade of the Museum of Art and History of Guanajuato is full of sculptures of fantastic figures, mixing animal and human, drawn from the deepest dreams.  As part of the “Art Outside the Walls” exhibition, the museum opened yesterday “The Possibilities of Dreams” by the artist Leonora Carrington, considered one of the main representatives of the surrealist movement in Latin America.

“The Cat Night” guards the entrance to the Cultural Forum. This and nine other works are part of the temporary exhibition the museum presents a tribute to the late artist in Mexico City.

In a new post on the AM website, Alejandro Velasco Mancera, who worked with Carrington in the last 27 years of her career, explores the symbolism behind the scultpures:

“The cat was most important for Leonora’s sculpture, the work reflects two characters in one; first the cuculati, a character protecting families during wartime. On the other hand, is a cat whose whiskers are radiating sun and make a shield that would not let through bad vibes or envy when there was plenty in the villages.

The style of Leonora Carrington is a product of the connection that a child had with animals. She believed that her true identity consisted of a horse masquerading as a child,”

The 10 sculptures of Leonora Carrington will be at the Museum of Art and History of Cultural Forum Guanajuato until May 24.



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