REF 2014 – Professor Robert Sheppard

The term ‘linguistically innovative poetry’ (LIP) encompasses a range of practices and approaches that has emerged in British poetry since the 1980s. Critical and practice-led research undertaken by Sheppard has made an important contribution to the development and vitality of communities of practice and appreciation in British alternative poetries. His work has helped readers and critics to identify, appreciate and engage with British poetry and particularly LIP. This case study is based on the critical and practice-led research projects into the potentialities of literary experiment carried out by Sheppard, work that is generally constellated around the widely-used term ‘linguistically innovative poetry’, a term he has helped to disseminate in the critical domain and in the field of literary production.

The impact and benefit is registered through a change in literary critical perspectives regarding LIP, including the use of the term, in several cultural environments, and in a heightened sense of potentialities for literary experiment in the field of literary production itself.


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