ICE Public Event: 24th January 2017

Film Screening: ‘Peggy Su!’

Tuesday 24th January 2017
Business and Law Building, Room B001

ICE Director, Professor Roger Shannon, who was a MIDA Exec Producer of the film, will introduce this special screening of ‘Peggy Su!’

A romantic comedy set in Liverpool’s Chinese community (the oldest in Britain), Peggy Su! depicts the generational and cultural conflicts experienced by 19-year-old Peggy (Pamela Oei) as she tries to balance respect for her father’s wishes with her own views about what constitutes a good marriage, and as she struggles to keep up with the rapid social change (this being 1962, just before the Beatles turned everything upside down.)

The first film to receive Lottery funding, ‘Peggy Su!’ was directed by Frances-Anne Solomon, written by Liverpool writer Kevin Wong, and funded by BBC Films and Liverpool’s MIDA. It won a Royal Television Society award.

Peggy Su!
UK, 1996; 94 mins. BBC Films, ACE Lottery, MIDA/Liverpool
Dir. Frances-Anne Solomon; Writer Kevin Wong
Confucius Institute logoCast: Pamela Oei, Adrian Pang, Sukie Smith, Burt Kwouk, Jacqui Chan, Dan York.

This event is in association with the Confucius Institute. The event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.

Date: Tuesday 24th January 2017

6.30pm Registration
7.00pm Film Screening
8.30pm close.

Venue: Business and Law Building, room B001 at Edge Hill University (Directions).

Registration: closed.

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