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29th June – 9th July 2020
Following Your Art

Are you graduating this summer? Had you planned for a career in the arts and now don’t know which way to turn? Students of Edge Hill University are invited to join our online careers event, focusing specifically on the arts and cultural industry. Over the weeks of 29 June – 10 July, we will be joined by special guests, all of whom are arts professionals. The focus of each talk will be pursuing a career in the arts in the time of a pandemic. This event is open to all Edge Hill students, with particular interest to those graduating in 2020. More information

4th July 2020
BFI Film Academy Lab

The Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE) joins forces with the British Film Institute (BFI) and Screenlife Liverpool for a very special, one-off event. On Saturday 4 July 2020, award-winning film director and producer, Timur Bekmambetov, is hosting a masterclass, bringing the Screenlife film format to the UK. Screenlife, which is a new, immersive storytelling style told entirely through computer, tablet and smartphone screens. Instead of a film set, there is a desktop. Screenlife allows anyone to make feature films at a fraction of the cost and with a much reduced environmental impact. Following the masterclass, selected participants will have the chance to attend individual pitching sessions. This stage of the training provides the opportunity to share and explore Screenlife ideas directly with Timur. More information

11th February 2020
BIMA Meets Higher Education

BIMA is Britain’s digital community and this event will bring together universities and higher education establishments to explore ways of working together. As part of the second meeting, the aim is to delve deeper into some of the ideas discussed in the November event and start to pull together some working groups to take further into the planning of 2020. More information


14th November 2019
Film Screening: ‘Story: Tales from a Refugee Camp’

In summer 2017, creative writing lecturers and researchers from Coventry and Edge Hill universities joined filmmakers Yiannis Koufonikos and Tim Kelly on Refugee Camp Alexandria. The intention was to run storytelling workshops on the camp, involving refugees and local Greeks, and to make a film of the process. A key aim of the project was to bring local Greeks and refugees together in an educational environment, so that they could hear each other’s stories. The hope was this might help bridge the gap between the migrant and host communities. The project resulted in a collection of stories (awaiting publication) and the documentary film Story: Tales from a Refugee Camp.  More information

13th November 2019
ICE & The Arts Centre
Film Screening plus Director Q&A: ‘Sometimes Always Never’, with Carl Hunter


For years fashionable tailor Alan has been searching for his son Michael who went missing after a row during a game of scrabble. This pursuit has put him at odds with his youngest son Peter, but when a body is discovered and the family are informed that it may be Michael the fractured pair make the journey together. The film is being screened at Edge Hill University’s Arts Centre.  More information

26th-27th October 2019
Festival of Ideas: ICE Event
Dancing with Health

As part of the Dancing with Health pan-European project, this is a free training weekend for dancers, health or exercise professionals who are interested in the physical and psychological benefits of movement and dance. More information

25th October 2019
Festival of Ideas: ICE Event
In Conversation with Rita Tushingham


Born and raised in Liverpool, with a professional debut at the Liverpool Playhouse in 1960, Rita Tushingham became the first significant female face of the British New Wave in cinema.  More information

24th October 2019
ICE & The Liverpool Irish Festival
Backstop: Ensuring Cultural Collaboration between Ireland & UK after Brexit

Just like other parts of the economy, the cultural industries rely on the unhindered movement of people and ideas across the border between Ireland and Britain. We will be joined by a panel of speakers discussing this topic. Our speakers include Susan McKay, Mary Cloake, Professor Victor Merriman and Professor James Moran and the event will be chaired by Professor Martin McQuillan. The event is taking place in Liverpool and is a free public event.  More information

23rd October 2019
Festival of Ideas: ICE Event
Breaking Through the Wall


November 2019 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the breaching of the Berlin Wall. The building of new walls between countries is still being proposed. This public reading launches an anthology of new work exploring the theme of walls, compiled by published fiction-writers based at Edge Hill.  More information

22nd October 2019
Festival of Ideas: ICE Event
ICE in Conversation: Tate Curators on Keith Haring


ICE is delighted to welcome to Festival of Ideas, Darren Pih, who is the curator of the Keith Haring exhibition at Tate Liverpool. Darren will be in conversation with Dr Lora Markova to discuss the work of Haring.  More information

23rd October 2019
Edge Hill University Graduate School Event
Introduction to the Institute for Creative Enterprise

FOR INFORMATION: The Institute for Creative Enterprise invites new and returning graduate students to an ICE reception where you’ll be introduced to the work of ICE, meet members of staff, and socialise with your fellow graduate students over a glass of wine and nibbles.  More information

21st October 2019
Festival of Ideas: ICE Event
Edge Talks

As part of this year’s Festival of Ideas, Edge Hill’s three Research Institutes are delighted to host our very own Edge Talks, a series of influential and inspiring talks from a variety of speakers giving their very own ‘Edge Talk’ on a topic of their choice.  More information

18th October 2019
Festival of Ideas: ICE Event
Leonora Carrington’s Labyrinth of Film

This event will take place over one day and will explore the festival’s themes of ‘exchange’ in Leonora Carrington’s work, including contributions from various speakers and screenings of relevant film material (with the participation of the film makers). More information

17th October 2019
Festival of Ideas: ICE Event
In Conversation with Joe McGann

Joe will be joined on the sofa by ICE Director, Professor Martin McQuillan, as they discuss Joe’s career as an actor, the paths that his career has taken and how it was growing up in a family of TV stars.  More information

16th October 2019
Festival of Ideas: ICE Event
Film Screening and Director Q&A: ‘Get Carter’ with Director, Mike Hodges

As part of this year’s Festival of Ideas, ICE is delighted to be welcoming British film legend, Mike Hodges, to host a screening of his classic Get Carter at the Everyman Liverpool, 35 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L1 6DA. More information

15th October 2019
Festival of Ideas: ICE Event
Film Screening and Director Q&A: ‘Flash Gordon’ with Director, Mike Hodges


As part of this year’s Festival of Ideas, ICE is delighted to be welcoming British film legend, Mike Hodges, to host a screening of his classic Flash Gordon.  More information

14th October 2019
Festival of Ideas: ICE Event
In Conversation with Lisa Nandy


On the opening day of this year’s Festival of Ideas, we’re delighted to welcome onto campus Member of Parliament, Lisa Nandy. More information

14th October 2019
Festival of Ideas: ICE Event
A Decade of EHU Undergraduate Drama Productions in Still Photography

As part of this year’s Festival of Ideas we are pleased to host this retrospective exhibition broadly drawn from a decade of work documented in still photography here themed and curated around the ways in which movement and stillness communicate what it means to be human.

14th-25th October 2019
Festival of Ideas
Exchanges: Creativity, Community & Curiosity

Programmed by Edge Hill University’s Research Institutes, the Festival of Ideas is a series of talks, exhibitions and performances to engage academics, students and members of the public in conversations upon a common theme. This year during October, the festival will explore the theme of Exchanges: Creativity, Community & Curiosity.  More information

19th September 2019
ICE & Centre for Human Animal Studies:
The Beast & The Sovereign: Jacques Derrida and Other Animals 

At a time when sovereignty is a massively legible issue in the public realm and the prospects for planetary extinction are keenly debated, this one-day event responds to Jacques Derrida’s 2001-03 seminar series The Beast and the Sovereign.  More information

4th July 2019
Developing International Creative Talents: Insights & Experiences from Liverpool & Shanghai

How to better meet the needs of employers and the career aspirations of students is a key challenge that higher education institutions are facing. This symposium will explore the key skills, knowledge and attributes that students will need to develop in order to become employable in the international creative economy, and how university could collaborate with industry to create a talent pipeline to address the challenge.  More information

19th June 2019
Professional Liverpool’s Creative, Digital & Technology Sector Launch

Professional Liverpool’s Creative, Digital and Tech group’s main focus is providing a collective voice within the LCR, showcasing the talent and knowledge that exists within the region. With members that reflect the breadth of offer within the sector, their aim is to work together to organise events and masterclasses that will bring together members of the Creative, Digital and Tech sectors from across the city.  More information

May 2019

Writing on the Wall (WoW) is a writing and literature organisation based in Liverpool hosting Liverpool’s longest running and nationally acclaimed literature festival – WoWFEST.WoWFEST19 is being sponsored by ICE. Change is in the air. All that is solid, like the icecaps, is melting into air. Things fall apart – can the centre hold? The stage is now set for WoWFEST 19 to seek answers to the question…Where are we Now?  More information

5th May 2019
Sound City – Ideas Tent

Sound City is the UK’s leading independent festival and conference for new music and it’s returning for another whirlwind weekend this May. As part of Liverpool Sound City, the Institute for Creative Enterprise will be running an ‘Ideas Tent’, where there will be a series of talks, debates, screenings, performances and immersive events.  More information

1st May 2019
Keynote Speech ‘Where Are We Now?’, Will Self

Will Self, one of the UK’s most admired and widely read writers, journalist and political commentators, launches WoWFEST ‘19 with a keynote speech responding to our festival theme: ‘Where Are We Now?’ WoWFEST19 is being sponsored by ICE. Join us for the keynote event at The Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool.  More information

1st May 2019
Liverpool Everyman Workshop: Nick Bagnall, Tarek Merchant & Liam Tobin


Nick Bagnall’s production of Sweeney Todd has taken the Liverpool Everyman by storm, with recent reviews calling the Director’s vision ‘unique, intense and exciting’. We’re delighted to be hosting an afternoon with the Director himself, who will be joined by Musical Director, Tarek Merchant and the actor playing Sweeney Todd, Liam Tobin.  More information

13th March 2019
Google Digital Garage

In association with Digital Lancashire, the voice of digital business in Lancashire, we’re partnering with Google Digital Garage to offer FREE training to help you grow your career online. Learn from Google how to build a digital marketing plan, how to build your personal brand online and get an introduction to digital marketing.  More information 

7th March 2019
The Brilliant Bard: The Philosopher’s Hamlet (in Association with Liverpool Everyman Theatre)

Liverpool-trained auteur Ken McMullen will explore the meaning, complexity and enduring appeal of Hamlet throughout the ages, from Coleridge to Cavafy, Marx to Freud… Presenting new work from his on-going feature film, Ken will discuss a range of critical and creative responses to Hamlet in literature, art, philosophy and psychoanalysis. There will also be contributions from the renowned Shakespeare scholar Richard Wilson and the cultural critic Martin McQuillan.  More information

5th March 2019
The Brilliant Bard: Shakespeare & Film (in Association with Liverpool Everyman Theatre

In a series of illustrated talks, leading Shakespeare experts will discuss the meaning of four key plays and how they have been adapted for film. What can we learn about different plays through their interpretation by various filmmakers? There will also be a screening of Carl Hunter and Frank Cottrell Boyce’s Liverpool-set short film A Winter’s Tale (Hurricane Films, 2016) followed by a discussion with the director and Martin McQuillan (Edge Hill University). More information

28th February 2019
Arts & Psychotherapy: Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health

What contribution can the arts make to one’s emotional wellbeing and mental health? What is the relationship of the arts and psychotherapy? How can the one field support and celebrate the other and together provide access to people in emotional distress from diverse sociopolitical backgrounds? These questions will be explored at a special one day event featuring talks, workshops and performances.  More information

15th February 2019
Fantastic Directors & Where to Find Them: A Masterclass with David Yates

ICE is delighted to welcome back to the University the renowned film maker, David Yates, who was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Edge Hill University in July 2018 for his contribution to international cinema. David Yates directed the last four of the highly successful ‘Harry Potter’ films and the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ films. He will be talking about his films and his film making career with ICE’s Associate Director, Professor Roger Shannon, and there will be ample opportunities for questions to David from attendees at this fantastic event.  More information

6th February 2019
Film Screening plus Q&A with Hurricane Films
Unsung Hero – The Jack Jones Story


‘Unsung Hero – The Jack Jones Story’ is a documentary on one of the greatest British figures of the past century – a man who exercised more power over government economic policy than any other trades union leader in British history. Jones took on four of the great evils of modern times: poverty, fascism, worker exploitation and pensioner poverty – and took them on with so much conviction that at one point, the public voted him the most powerful man in Britain.  More information

30th January 2019
Film Screening plus Q&A with Director, Ken McMullen
Art, Poetry & Particle Physics


John Berger was a highly respected writer and critic. He consistently talked about the necessity of collaboration and sought to represent the downtrodden. He was also a winner of the Booker Prize and wrote one of the most influential books on art of our time, Ways of Seeing. In Ken McMullen’s engaging and accessible film, he travels to the world’s biggest particle physics laboratory at CERN in Geneva. The film charts an extraordinary and wide-ranging series of discussion and collaborations between Berger and the leading theoretical and experimental physicists John March-Russell and Michael Doser.  More information

29th January 2019
Screening plus Q&A with Jimmy McGovern & Colin McKeown:
‘Moving On’, Series 10 Premiere


Moving On is a BBC series of dramas all linked by a central theme: how to ‘move on’ and pass turning points in life. The series is set to make a return in February and will show glimpses of the Edge Hill University campus. We are delighted to be hosting the premiere of the new series here at Creative Edge. The two screenings will be followed by a Q&A with a panel which will include the show’s creator, Jimmy McGovern, and producer, Colin McKeown.  More information

24th January 2019
ICE External Funding Masterclass: AHRC Network Scheme

FOR INFORMATION: This masterclass provides Edge Hill University staff members with support in making an application to the AHRC Network Scheme. Institute Director, Martin McQuillan, will be leading the masterclass.  More information


28th November 2018
A Masterclass with Heidi Thomas: Women in Film & TV 
Dubbed the ‘Queen of primetime TV drama’, Heidi Thomas is a multi-award winning screenwriter, producer and playwright. She is best known as the creator of the high-profile BBC TV series Call the Midwife and for her TV adaptation of the classic novel, Little Women.  Heidi will be in conversation with Edge Hill’s Professor Roger Shannon, discussing her writing and producing career in the context of women in film and TV, as well the centenary of women’s suffrage.
More information

21st November 2018
ICE Research Day: Working with the Media
FOR INFORMATION: A day-long session aimed at helping Edge Hill researchers in developing research with impact, research outputs, and successful funding bids. The day will look at how to work with external partners and sharing your research across the media.
More information

7th November 2018
Tate in Conversation: Op Art in Focus
Darren Pih: Exhibition Curator
Op art – short for optical art – emerged in the 1960s, combining lines, geometric shapes and eye-popping colour to create artworks that fool the eye. Tate Liverpool’s latest exhibition Op Art in Focus, moves beyond the typical period of op art and includes works by more contemporary artists such as Angela Bulloch.  Join curator of Op Art in Focus Darren Pih (Tate Liverpool), for a discussion about the dazzling displays on show from pioneering artists of the 1960’s to the present day. Darren will be in conversation with Edge Hill University Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader, Dr Alex Jukes.
More information

7th November 2018
RITA Workshop
FOR INFORMATION: This event provides Edge Hill University staff members with support in making a successful application to the RITA (Research Institute Thematic Awards) scheme. Institute Director, Martin McQuillan, will be leading the workshop.
More information

24th October 2018
ICE Film Screening: Female Human Animal

Shot in the real-life contemporary art world of Liverpool and London, Female Human Animal is a psycho-thriller about a creative woman disenchanted with what modern life has to offer her. Edge Hill University has supported the film since shooting began in 2015. Dr Lora Markova and Dr Stephen Forcer will be in conversation with ICE Associate Director, Professor Roger Shannon, following the film screening.
More information

24th October 2018
BOOK LAUNCH: Scenes from the Revolution: Making Political Theatre 1968-2018

ICE invites you to the launch of Scenes from the Revolution: Making Political Theatre 1968-2018. Scenes from the Revolution, the latest book from Edge Hill University Press in partnership with Pluto Books. The book explores 50 years of making theatre that addresses social and cultural issues, theatre that engages with the political landscape of its time, through a series of interviews, play and original essays. The event will take place at HOME in Manchester.
More information

8th October 2018
Exhibition Launch: ‘Dragons of the Pool’, Rosa Fong
The Arts Centre, the Confucius Institute, and the Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE) at Edge Hill University, have the pleasure of inviting you to the opening launch of Rosa Fong’s ‘Dragons of the Pool’, a multimedia exhibition exploring the hidden history
of the forced repatriation of Chinese seamen. In 1946, over two successive nights, hundreds of men were seized without warning, taken down to the river and forced on board cargo ships bound for China. Over a thousand Chinese seamen disappeared from families in Liverpool, never to be heard of again.
More information

6th October 2018
ICE Film Screening plus Director Q&A:
‘Female Human Animal’ with Dir. Josh Appignanesi
Shot in the real-life contemporary art world of Liverpool and London, Female Human Animal is a psycho-thriller about a creative woman disenchanted with what modern life has to offer her. Edge Hill University has supported the film since shooting began in 2015. Director Josh Appignanesi, will be in conversation with ICE Associate Director, Professor Roger Shannon, following the film screening.
More information

13th September 2018
Screening & Panel Discussion:
Acceptable Levels: The Television will be Revolutionised

Professor Roger Shannon, Associate Director of ICE, will be visiting Barbican Cinemas in London to partake in a panel event, which will precede the screening of Acceptable Levels. Along with others who are connected to the Film Workshop movement, Roger will be discussing the significance of the Workshop Declaration and its long-term impact on independent filmmaking.
More information

5th September 2018
Capturing Locality in Television Production
There is a growing recognition that it’s important for TV audiences to see specific localities represented, and with this event ICE welcomes two television makers to screen part of their work and talk about what they have done to capture the locality. They will also be available for questions from the audience. The event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.
More Information

5th to 7th September 2018
Critical Studies in Television Conference:
State of Play: Television Scholarship in ‘TVIV’
ICE is delighted to promote this first biennial conference which is a collaboration between Edge Hill University, Critical Studies in Television and the Television Studies Section of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA). The event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.
More Information

31st August to 1st September 2018
British Crime Historians (BCH) Symposium
In 2018 it will be a decade since the first British Crime Historians Symposium was held. This biennial conference meets every two years as a forum for discussion, debate and the presentation of research for all aspects of the history of crime, law, justice, punishment and social regulation. It has become one of the most significant regular events in these research fields. Previous events (organised by the British Crime Historians Network) have been held at Leeds, Sheffield, Milton Keynes (OU), Liverpool and Edinburgh. This year the event is supported by ICE and will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.
More Information

7th June 2018
In Conversation: Professor Green on Working Class White Men
Stephen Manderson A.K.A Professor Green has made several thought-provoking documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4 on topics around suicide, homelessness and poverty. Working Class White Men, his latest documentary, explores the identity crisis that Pro Green believes is faced by young white males from deprived backgrounds. Professor Green will be in conversation about the struggles for today’s youth and what more can be done to bring more equality into society. 
More Information

1st June 2018
Yellow is the New Blackface
This discussion will explore case studies of recent examples of whitewashing in Hollywood and yellowface on stage and screen in the UK. The panel will look to draw up a list of recommendations that might be used by the media industries to create equality of representation of East Asian presence on UK stage and screen. This event takes place at Blackburne House, Liverpool.  
More Information

22nd May 2018
Geoff Beattie: The Body’s Little Secrets’
Professor Geoff Beattie will be in discussion about his new book with novelist and screenwriter, Helen Cross, whose award winning and Yorkshire set debut ‘My Summer Of Love’ was adapted for the screen. This event takes place at Edge Hill University. #FOI18
More information and registration.  
More Information

17th May 2018, 7.30PM
Film Screening plus Q&A: ‘My Letter To The World’
Sol Papadopoulos, Liverpool producer at Hurricane Films, introduces a special screening of ‘My Letter To The World ’ an in-depth exploration of the life and work of Emily Dickinson.  Filmed in her hometown of Amherst, MA, and narrated by Cynthia Nixon (A Quiet Passion, Sex and The City) this documentary features behind-the-scenes clips from the Emily Dickinson biopic ‘A Quiet Passion’.  Sol will discuss the film in a Q&A with Dr Mari Hughes-Edwards, Reader in English Literature at Edge Hill University and Chair of GenSex, whose research focuses include poetry and Victorian/Neo-Victorian fiction.  
More Information

17th May 2018, 6PM
Festival of Ideas 2018 – Launch Event
Now in it’s third year, the festival is programmed by Edge Hill University’s three Research Institutes (I4P, ICE and PGMI).  The Festival of Ideas is a series of talks, exhibitions and performances to engage academics, students and members of the public in conversations upon a common theme. This year throughout May and June, the festival will explore the prism of Equalities, incorporating the 100th anniversary of women of a certain criteria getting the vote, as well as responding to other current topics in the media. It aims to open up interdisciplinary debate about past injustices and what can be done to work together to formulate an equitable future society. 
More Information

18th April 2018
Shinners, Dissos and Dissenters: Irish republican media activism since the Good Friday Agreement’
Dr Paddy Hoey (Edge Hill University)
ICE invites you to join us for the launch of the Manchester University Press monograph, ‘Shinners, Dissos and dissenters: Irish republican media activism since the Good Friday Agreement’ by Dr Paddy Hoey, the first book of its kind to address the role of modern media activism in the development of this strand of political ideology.
More Information

5th April 2018
The Myth of Innovation
Professor Simon Bolton (Edge Hill University)

Interim ICE Director, Professor Simon Bolton’s Inaugural Lecture will discuss whether innovation actually exists or whether it has just become an interchangeable byword for creativity, growth and change.

28th February 2018
Suffragette Symposium
2018 will see Edge Hill University mark, celebrate and explore issues which relate to the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote in the UK. Edge Hill, which was the first non-denominational teacher training college for women, was founded as an institution which broke traditional barriers for women and promoted women’s rights. Its graduation gowns still proudly display the colours of the suffrage movement.
More Information

23rd February 2018
The Oxford Handbook of Dance And Wellbeing
Whole Day Book Launch
Edited by Vicky Karkou (Edge Hill University), Sue Oliver, and Sophia Lycouris.  The new Oxford Handbook of Dance and Wellbeing, a large text book of 1000 pages with over 90 contributors from around the world, examines dance and related movement practices from the perspectives of neuroscience and health, community and education, and psychology and sociology. In this day-long book launch, colleagues from the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, US and Argentina will present their contributions, discuss their perspectives and encourage participants to engage with the topic through performances and workshops.
More Information

24th January 2018
Film Screening ‘Leonora Carrington: The Lost Surrealist’
A gripping tale of aristocracy, Bohemia, surrealism and social revolution, the extraordinary life of Lancastrian-Mexican artist Leonora Carrington (1917 – 2011) is chronicled by film director Teresa Griffiths in this all encompassing study of the ‘lost’ surrealist, who struggling against misogynistic pressures at home eventually found a spiritual kinship in Mexico.  The film celebrates a woman who had seen her internationally renowned contribution to the art world overlooked historically in her home country (save for Edge Hill University!). The event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.
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15th November 2017
In Rude Health – Medical Dramas
Holby City script writer Joe Ainsworth and Story Producer Kate Hall, plus Prof Tim Woolford, Manchester Royal Infirmary. Brought to you by Edge Hill University’s Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE) and Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI), this event will present a discussion on how the dramatic portrayal of medical story lines complements, or clouds, public discussion of issues in the health profession. The event will take place at the Ormskirk Campus.
More Information

9th November 2017
Russian Revolution Centenary – Music and Film at a time of Revolution
Organised by Edge Hill University’s Resonant Edge and sponsored by the Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE). On Thursday 9th November Edge Hill University will host several events to mark the centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution. There will be a symposium to examine the many fascinating facets of film and music in post-Revolutionary Russia – Music at a time of Revolution. Events will take place at The Arts Centre.
More Information

1st November 2017
In Conversation with David Yip
Actor David Yip, best known for playing John Ho in the BBC drama The Chinese Detective, talks about his career in film, television and theatre. Brought to you by Edge Hill University’s Confucius Institute and Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE), this event will take place at the Ormskirk Campus.
More Information

30th June 2017
SYMPOSIUM: Leonora Carrington Centenary
The Leonora Carrington Centenary Symposium will celebrate and bring into discussion the work and legacy of Lancastrian-born Surrealist artist Leonora Carrington (1917-2011). This timely event forms part of the existing body of research and creative practice that has already emanated from across Departments at Edge Hill University.   We invite you to join artists and scholars from a range of disciplines to share research and creative practice that explores Carrington’s work as an artist, a theatre and film collaborator, and writer.

The Centenary Symposium will also welcome from Mexico City Gabriel Weisz Carrington, Leonora’s son, as Guest International Speaker. Gabriel will discuss Leonora’s work ‘in conversation’.

New films about Leonora Carrington will also be screened – ‘The Lost Surrealist‘ (for BBC; directed by Teresa Griffiths), and Josh Appignanesi’s ‘Female Human Animal‘ starring novelist/curator Chloe Aridjis. Haunted by Leonora Carrington. Prod: Jacqui Davies.’
More Information

29th – 30th June 2017 |  Liverpool Quaker Meeting House
CfHAS Conference 2017 – Animals and Social Change
ICE is pleased to support a two day event hosted by Edge Hill University’s Centre for Human Animal Studies (CfHAS).  The theme of this event is animals and social change.  Taking place at the Liverpool Quaker Meeting House this conference will include paper and poster presentations, film screenings and workshop sessions focused on strategies for social change involving dialogue between academics, activists and advocates. The event is designed to facilitate time and space for discussion. This conference will be of interest to those working in critical animal studies, advocacy, grassroots activism, animal media and the vegan business community.
More Information

21st June 2017
FILM SCREENING: ‘I Am Not Your Negro’
With images and archives prompted by James Baldwin’s writing, ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ has been dubbed a ‘cinematic séance’, and hailed as one of the best films about the American civil rights era.  The film will be introduced and discussed by leading film writer, historian and archivist, June Givannia Guyanese born, London based film curator. A member of the Africa Movie Academy Award jury, she also specialises in the independent cinema of African Americans. June Givanni is also the founding Director of the June Givanni Pan African Cinema Archive.
More Information

17th June 2017
‘The Mersey Sound at 50’
Published in May 1967,  ‘The Mersey Sound’ reaches 50 years of age! One of the world’s most influential and best selling anthologies, ‘The Mersey Sound’ brought a fresh image to poetry and helped to fashion a new identity for the city of Liverpool. The words and sounds of Adrian Henri, Roger McGough and Brian Patten will be recalled, discussed and read aloud in this special ICE event, that brings together, in a unique rhyming couplet, Catherine Marcangeli and Paul Farley.
More Information

7th June 2017
Liverpool producers at Hurricane Films (Roy Boulter, Sol Papadopoulos) introduce a special screening of ‘A Quiet Passion’ and discuss the film in a Q&A with ICE’s Director, Professor Roger Shannon.  Terence Davies directs ‘A Quiet Passion’, which traces the life of the acclaimed and reclusive American poet, Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886). The film is a compelling and very affecting portrait of the poet as an ageing woman, as well as a fresh variation on the themes that have preoccupied Terence Davies since his earliest work.(such as ‘Distant Voices, Still Lives’) and here he executes them with such exquisite delicacy.
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26th to 27th May 2017
ICE is please to support the 1st Symposium of the LGBTQ+ Music Study Group which aims to support current and nurture future research on LGBTQ issues within music studies. Through diverse formats – including a keynote lecture, roundtable discussions, reading workshops and presentations – this two-day event will gather music scholars interested in queer studies as well as LGBTQ identifying musicologists of all sub-disciplines from student up to professorial level. The event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.
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9th April 2017
FILM SCREENING and Q&A ‘A Quiet Passion’

Hurricane Films and ICE present a special screening of ‘A Quiet Passion’, the life of the renowned American poet, Emily Dickinson. This film was produced by Roy Boulter and Sol Papadopoulos of Liverpool’s Hurricane Films, and directed by Liverpool born Terence Davies, lauded as ‘Britain’s greatest living film maker’. Following the screening there will be a Q&A with Terence Davies. The event will take place at FACT, Liverpool.
More Information

6th April 2017
‘100 Years of an Artist: Leonora Carrington’

We are delighted to announce ICE Director, Prof Roger Shannon, has been invited to speak at this international panel to celebrate the centennial of Leonora Carrington.  He will present his paper ‘Working Toward the re-Lancastrianization of Leonora Carrington – a view from Edge Hill University on the Edge of the Lancashire plain’. The event will take place in the Library of Mexico, Mexico City.
More Information

21st March 2017
In Conversation with David Morrissey 

ICE is delighted to welcome BAFTA nominated actor David Morrissey back to Edge Hill to talk about his work and career.  Acknowledged by peers and institutions as one of the finest actors of his generation, David has achieved excellence in the world of film, television and the performing arts. His standout performances include Being Human, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, The Deal, and most recently in his iconic role as The Governor in The Walking Dead. The event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.
More Information

22nd February 2017
In Conversation about Yves Klein

Tate Liverpool and Edge Hill University’s Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE) present a public event to discuss the Tate exhibition ‘YVES KLEIN‘, with guest speaker Darren Pih, curator at Tate Liverpool. Yves Klein is considered a major figure in post-war European art. He was the leading member of the French artistic movement of Nouveau réalisme founded in 1960 by art critic Pierre Restany. Klein was a pioneer in the development of performance art, and is seen as an inspiration to, and as a forerunner of, Minimal art, as well as Pop art. The event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.
More Information

19th February 2017
CONCURRENT#3: Exchange Through Improvisation

An improvisation research network of leading musicians, dancers, visual artists, dance and music psychologists and arts therapists from across the UK. In collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and the Department of Performing Arts at Edge Hill University, and supported by ICE, this event will bring a week of innovative Concurrent performances, workshops and discussions on improvisation to Tate Liverpool under their Tate Exchange programme.
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24th January 2017

ICE Director, Professor Roger Shannon, who was a MIDA Exec Producer of the film, will introduce this special screening of ‘Peggy Su! A romantic comedy set in Liverpool’s Chinese community (the oldest in Britain), Peggy Su! depicts the generational and cultural conflicts experienced by 19-year-old Peggy (Pamela Oei) as she tries to balance respect for her father’s wishes with her own views about what constitutes a good marriage, and as she struggles to keep up with the rapid social change (this being 1962, just before the Beatles turned everything upside down.)  The first film to receive Lottery funding, ‘Peggy Su!’ was written by Liverpool writer Kevin Wong and funded by BBC Films and Liverpool’s MIDA. It won a Royal Television Society award.  The event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.
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10th December 2016
TATE EXCHANGE: Exchanging Dances 

Re-imagine the gallery space through dance.  Join Edge Hill University dancers for a special performance that will begin and end the day with a continual flux of movement. Using dance as a means of exchange, the dancers will improvise and interact with each other, working together to make and dismantle a series of visual installations. Moving through the Tate Exchange and Constellations: Highlights from the Nation’s Collection of Modern Art, the performance will explore and interrogate the space around you and the gallery.  This event will take place at Tate Liverpool.
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3rd December 2016
TATE EXCHANGE: Emin And Blake: Ekphrastic Poetry Reading

Explore how creative writing can respond to visual art. What is ekphrastic poetry? Join us for a day of activity in Tate Exchange, where we will be exploring how poetry, through the imaginative act of narrating and reflecting on the “action” of a painting or sculpture, may amplify and expand its meaning. This event will take place at Tate Liverpool.
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30th November 2016
In Conversation with Darren Henley about The Arts Dividend

Darren Henley, CEO Arts Council England, will introduce and discuss, in conversation with ICE Director Professor Roger Shannon, his recently published book, The Arts Dividend, which looks in depth at seven key benefits that art and culture bring to our lives: the nation’s creativity; advancing education; benefits in health and wellbeing; innovation and technology; place making in villages, towns and cities;economic prosperity; and enhancing England’s reputation for cultural excellence on the global stage.  Discussion will also touch on the Northern Cultural Powerhouse, a post BREXIT arts landscape and ‘Edgenomics.’  This event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.
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26th November 2016
In Conversation with Elena Paulumbo-Mosca

Join Elena Palumbo-Mosca as she talks about her involvement in Klein’s experiments with the expressive potential of the body as manifested in his Anthropometries. These paintings, created by the artist choreographed nude models as living paint brushes to transfer blue pigment onto canvas, whilst accompanied by a live orchestra playing his ‘monotone symphony’.  This event will take place at Tate Liverpool.
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26th November 2016
TATE EXCHANGE: Martial Art with Edge Hill University 

See how Judo influenced movement and colour in Yves Klein’s work.  Watch a live-animated performance from judo experts influenced by current Tate Liverpool exhibition, Yves Klein. Using video capture and animation to record judo forms, this performance will explore the use of movement, balance and colour found in Klein’s artwork.  Yves Klein was a master in judo with his performances influenced by the equilibrium, balance and poise techniques used in martial art. This event, organised by Alex Jukes, Senior Lecturer in Animation, and Programme Leader for Animation Programmes at Edge Hill University, will take place at Tate Liverpool.
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22nd November 2016

This event marks the launch of ‘Edge Hill University Press’ and its debut publication, ‘Head Land’, a celebration of the unique Edge Hill Short Story Prize which is awarded annually to the best single-author collection of short stories by an author from the UK and Ireland. Guest speakers Carys Bray, Adam Marek and Robert Shearman will be introduced by the university’s Vice Chancellor, Dr John Cater.  Edge Hill University Press is edited by faculty from the Creative Writing Programme and works with leading authors and publishers in collaborative projects to produce books in such genres as fiction, poetry and theatre.  This event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.
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18th November 2016
Deconstructing Gender

An afternoon event where gender fluidity will be addressed, incorporating a recently made documentary film, workshops and discussions. By focusing on the new documentary, ‘Deconstructing Zoe’, the event will offer insights into how senses of gender, race and identity are performed, socially constructed and have multiple expressions. Presented by the Department of Media with the support of ICE as part of the 2016 ‘Being Human: Festival of the Humanities’, this event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.
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12th November 2016
‘Sins of the Flesh’
An exclusive screening of the Birmingham/Cairo director’s new film, ‘Sins Of The Flesh’.  This film is a dark, political, erotic drama set against the 25th January, 2011.  Egyptian revolution as a back drop. The story examines love, revenge, passion and the misuse of power and concerns four people who live on a desert farm during the Egyptian revolution. The four people on the farm only get news of the revolution through the radio. What is happening on the farm reflects what is happening in Egypt.  Director Khaled El Hagar will be here in person for a Q&A with ICE Director, Professor Roger Shannon, after the film’s screening.  This event will take place at MAC Birmingham.
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19th October 2016
In Conversation with Tony Garnett

ICE welcomes Tony Garnett, the Tv / Film producer, director and writer, whose memoir ‘The Day The Music Died: A Life Lived Behind The Lens’ was recently published. Described by Mark Thompson, previously the BBC’s Director General, as ‘simply the best television drama creator and producer there has ever been’, Tony Garnett’s career includes Cathy Come Home, BBC Wednesday Plays, Kes, Days of Hope, Beautiful Thing, This Life amongst a host of other drama productions. Tony Garnett will be in conversation with film producer and Professor, Roger Shannon. Tony will read from his memoir and sign copies. This event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.
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14th September 2016
Film Screening plus In Conversation about Francis Bacon

This event complements the current Tate Liverpool exhibition, ‘Francis Bacon – Invisible Rooms‘, which is the largest Francis Bacon show ever held in northern England, and which finishes on 18th September 2016.  Kasia Redzisz is the curator of the Francis Bacon exhibition, and she will be in conversation with ICE’s Director, Professor Roger Shannon, after the screening of John Maybury’s film, ‘Love Is The Devil‘, a biopic of Francis Bacon starring Derek Jacobi, Daniel Craig and Tilda Swinton which was produced by the British Film Institute when Roger Shannon was Head of Production at the BFI. The event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.
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26th May 2016
’35 Years of Film: In and From Birmingham’
Roger Shannon in Conversation with Sandra Hebron
Professor Roger Shannon, Director of the Institute for Creative Enterprise at Edge Hill University, will be in conversation with Sandra Hebron, Head of Screen Arts at the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield, UK and Programme Consultant to the International Film Festival and Awards Macao, China.  This event will take place at MAC, Birmingham.
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13th May 2016
ENSFR conference: ‘The Child of the Century’  

Reading and Writing Short Fiction Across Media 
Writing in 1936, Elizabeth Bowen said: ‘The short story is a young art; as we now know it, it is the child of this century.’  The child of the 20th century is still growing and developing in the 21st century, alongside an equally rapid acceleration in new media. Through discussions, presentations and performances, this ENSFR conference will explore the generic affinities between short fiction and other art forms; intermedial transformations; and migrations of the form. This includes the impact of changing technologies on its writing and transmission, historically and at the present moment.
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11th May 2016
‘Deconstructing Zoe’
‘Deconstructing Zoe’ is a vivid and intimate portrait of a transgender actor. It is an exploration of gender, race and sexuality, seen through Zoe’s eyes. We trace the journey from boyhood in a small town in Malaysia to the West-end stage via the trans’ scene of London. Following the film there will be a Q&A session with the film’s director, Rosa Fong, who will be joined in discussion about the film and its themes by Zoe, the subject of the documentary, and Dr Felicia Chan, lecturer in screen studies at the University of Manchester’s School of Arts, Languages and Cultures and the co editor of Genre in Asian Film and Television, Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.  
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19th April 2016
Biological Animation Event

The first Biology and Media Departments’ Biological Animation evening will be happening this April showcasing short animation films explaining different microbial genetic processes.
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4th February – 8th March 2016
Close to Home: Between the Tides

Exhibition from artist Karen Shepherdson (Canterbury Christ Church University).
Along the UK’s Isle of Thanet coast is the extraordinary Walpole Bay tidal pool. This pool, some four acres in size, provides a free space for people to gather, to swim, to forage and fish.   The exhibition features images from a long-term photographic project which includes documenting coastal communities of Thanet and in particular the sea bathers of Walpole Bay.
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2nd March 2016
New British Cinema

Professor Wood, Artistic Director at Film at HOME and Professor of Film at Manchester Metropolitan University, will introduce and discuss his recently published book, ‘New British Cinema – From Submarine to 12 Years A Slave’, published by Faber in November 2015 and co-written with Ian Haydn Smith.
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25th February 2016
In Conversation with Terence Davies

Liverpool born Terence Davies, lauded as ‘Britain’s greatest living film maker’, has made an outstanding contribution to British cinema and culture and was awarded with an Honorary Doctorate by Edge Hill University in the Summer 2015. Terence returned to Edge Hill to discuss his film making career, focussing on his two most recent films, ‘Sunset Song’ and ‘A Quiet Passion’.
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11th February 2016
In Conversation with Novelist, Jonathan Coe

Multi award winning novelist, Jonathan Coe discusses, and reads from, his latest, and eleventh, novel, ‘Number 11’, which was published on the 11th day of the 11th month, 2015.
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3rd February 2016
Cultural Policies, Regional Development and Inequalities

PROF KATE OAKLEY (University of Leeds)
Professor Oakley will be in conversation about Cultural Policies, Regional Development and Inequalities drawing on her extensive research into the recent culture of New Labour, whilst also posing questions about what might be the culture of the Northern Power House.  Kate will be joined in conversation by Eddie Berg, Creative Consultant, previously Director of BFI Southbank in London; Founder/ former CEO FACT, Liverpool.
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20th January 2016
‘He Named Me Malala’
ICE and I4P have arranged for the ‘The Time is Now’ national campaign to visit Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus for a screening of the documentary, ‘He Named Me Malala’.  Malala is a young girl with a strong voice. Standing up for women’s education rights in her home country of Pakistan made her a target for the Taliban in 2012. At the age of 14, the Taliban attempted to assassinate her and she was shot in the face on her way home from school. A shocking true story with a positive message.
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20th January 2016
FILM SCREENING and Q&A: ‘Suffragette’

As part of the ‘The Time is Now’ national campaign ICE and I4P have arranged for a screening of the film, ‘Suffragette’ at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus. An intense drama that tracks the story of the early feminist movement as working women fought for the right to vote. Turning to violence as the only route to change they were willing to lose everything in their fight for equality.
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2nd December 2015
In Conversation About:
‘An Imagined Museum’ 
Tate Liverpool and Edge Hill University present a public event to discuss ‘An Imagined Museum: works from the Pompidou, Tate and MMK collections’ with guest speakers Darren Pih, curator at Tate Liverpool and Deborah Kermode, Deputy Director of Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.  The event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.
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18th November 2015
Doing Research with Arts/Media/Cultural Organisations – Their Plans, Your Opportunities

This seminar will introduce current researchers, and potential ones, at the University to the research interests that bodies such as the British Film Institute, Arts Council, Creative England inter alia have. Representatives from such bodies will introduce the role and purpose of research for them, and discuss the type of research, collaborations, projects, and consultancies they are keen to develop with HE. The seminar is aimed at researchers and academics with an interest in film, television, digital media, performance, the creative industries and the cultural economy.

Confirmed to attend from the British Film Institute is Richard Paterson, Head of Research and Scholarship at the BFI, responsible for developing the BFI’s partnerships with higher education; James Farmery, Director of Partnerships, Creative England; Vivien Niblett, Senior Officer, Arts Council England.
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11th November 2015
Northern Powerhouse and Cultural Policy

Dr Ben Walmsley (University of Leeds)
This talk will present and critique the Northern Powerhouse concept from the perspective of the arts. It will explore how cultural policy and arts funding decisions are made, both in theory and in practice, and discuss tensions between funding priorities: should we be funding buildings, or audiences and art?
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28th October 2015
CfHAS Public Seminar 

Thinking “Ecologically” about Animal Minds: Perspectives from Process Philosophy and Cybernetics – Dr Wahida Khandker (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Studies in the histories of science, ideas, and philosophy illuminate shifting and problematic concepts of life, mind, behaviour and learning in human and non-human animals. In this paper, he will discuss intersecting concepts of life, process and regulation across philosophy and biology, with reference to process thought, principally the work of A. N. Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne, who shared an openness to the sciences insofar as they were believed to complement philosophical enquiry rather than to refute or supersede it.   Centre for Human Animal Studies (CfHAS) Seminar series, supported by the Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE).
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15th October 2015
In Conversation About: Jackson Pollock 

Join Dr Catherine Marcangeli, curator of First Happenings: Adrian Henri in the ‘60s and ‘70s, at the ICA in London in 2014/15, and Dr Stephanie Straine, curator at Tate Liverpool, as they discuss the life and work of Jackson Pollock, one of the most influential and provocative American artists of the twentieth century.
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30th September 2015
Northern Powerhouse and Film Policy

The Round table will be attended by an invited group of film industry practitioners, researchers/academics from Edge Hill University and other universities and Film Schools, and from national and regional film funding bodies.  Speakers will include Nik Powell, Director, National Film/TV School and Jason Wood, Artistic Director of Film at HOME and Visiting Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University.
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6th March – 31st May 2015
Tate Liverpool Exhibition: Leonora Carrington

Edge Hill University is sponsoring the Leonora Carrington Exhibition  at Tate Liverpool.  The exhibition celebrates the creations of internationally celebrated member of the surrealist movement, Leonora Carrington (1917-2011).  This will be the first UK solo exhibition of work by Chorley-born Leonora Carrington for over 20 years.
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21st May 2015
Independent Film (and) Women

A one day symposium in conjunction with University of Liverpool
This one day symposium aims to make its own contribution to this increasingly vibrant area in independent cinema studies. Bringing together scholars from across the country who have done significant work in, among others, the fields of women’s films, distribution promotion and exhibition, silent cinema, queer film studies, underground cinema, American independent cinema and media industry studies, and with Professor Chris Holmlund, who co-edited the Contemporary American Independent Film volume (2005) and published numerous essays on the subject, as keynote speaker, this symposium promises to ask important questions on the subject of the contribution of women in/and independent film and participate in the emerging debates that surround it.
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16th May 2015
The Speaking Trumpet – Edge Hill University writers at The Tate Liverpool

A reading of surrealist and fantastical new writing, inspired by Leonora Carrington.  Readers include fiction writer Ailsa Cox, whose work is included in Best British Stories 2014, Claire Dean, whose modern ‘fairy tales’ have been published in Best British Short Stories and by Nightjar Press, poet James Byrne, editor of internationally-renowned poetry magazine The Wolf and lecturer at Edge Hill University, Tom Jenks, one of England’s leading conceptual poets and Jenny Barrett, a lecturer at Edge Hill and graduate of the MA program.
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29th April 2015
In Conversation About: Leonora Carrington

Joanna Moorhead and Francesco Manacorda in conjunction with Tate Liverpool
Learn more about the intriguing history and artistic practice of Leonora Carrington, who became a national treasure in Mexico thousands of miles from her origins in Chorley, Lancashire. Join Joanna Moorhead (Journalist, co writer of ‘Surreal Friends’ and cousin of Leonora Carrington) as she discusses the life and work of Leonora with Francesco Manacorda, Tate Liverpool’s Artistic Director.
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16th January 2015
Critical Approaches to the Northern Ireland Peace Process

The Institute for Creative Enterprise at Edge Hill University, in conjunction with the Centre for Media Research at the University of Ulster, is hosting the second of two symposia to discuss the fraught issues of representation, culture and identity in Northern Ireland.
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15th December 2014
A Song for Issy Bradley – Book Reading with Carys Bray

Incredibly moving, unexpectedly funny and so sharply observed it will make you feel as if you could pick the woodchip off the bedroom wall, A SONG FOR ISSY BRADLEY explores the outer reaches of doubt and faith. But mostly it’s a story about a family trying to work out how to carry on when their world has fallen apart.  Award winning author Carys Bray joins us to read from her debut novel.
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26th November 2014
Mirriam Allott Visiting Writers Series – Robert Sheppard

The Miriam Allott Visiting Writers Series showcases up and coming and established writers alongside local and international poets and writers. In its third year, the series’ focus on global literatures, translation and on new and innovative writing is unique, building bridges through national and international dialogue and exchange. Innovative British poet, the Liverpool-based writer and critic, Robert Sheppard (Professor of Poetry and Poetics at Edge Hill University) showcases his latest work.
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13th November 2014
“Common” Film Screening and Q&A Session

Multi-award-winning writer Jimmy McGovern, film director David Blair and film and television producer Colin McKeown come together for the screening of their collaborative ninety minute, BBC One, feature film, Common, aired on 6th July 2014 starring Michelle Fairley, Nico Mirallegro and Michael Gambon followed by a Q&A session chaired by Professors Mark McGovern and Roger Shannon.
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25th October 2014
Centre for Human Animal Studies Conference and Launch

Reflecting the expansion and intellectual vibrancy in the fields of animal studies, Critical Animal Studies, human-animal studies, and the science of animal emotion and cognition, this conference will have three broad but intersecting thematic strands: ethics, sustainability and sentience.
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8th October 2014
The 3rd Annual Symposium of the Ethnicity, ‘Race’ and Racism Seminar Series

The Ethnicity, ‘Race’ and Racism Seminar Series, formed in 2010, runs throughout the year at Edge Hill University welcoming scholars and leading figures in the fields of research, ethnic relations and policy-making.
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8th October 2014
Burning an Illusion: Screening and Q&A with Director, Menelik Shabazz

“Burning an Illusion” (1981) marked a coming of age for black British cinema. A film about transformation and identity, it is a love story that traces the emotional and political growth of a young black couple in Thatcher’s London. The film was produced and directed by award winning director/producer Menelik Shabazz.
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11th September 2014
Re-imaging Regional Television Drama

Re-imaging Regional Television Drama: Women as Agents of Cultural Change Symposium, Edge Hill University with the University of Liverpool
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4th-5th September 2014
Independent States Conference

What does ‘independence’ means for and within the creative and cultural sectors.
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14th-18th July 2014
Creative Animation Knowledge Exchange

A five-day festival and conference to discuss creativity within animation
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24th June 2014
Flourishing City  

An Ideas Exchange event on the research theme: The Flourishing City.
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14th May 2014
Dario Fo, Franca Rame, and Italian Civic Life  

A seminar convened by Prof. Joseph Farrell (University of Strathclyde), Visiting Professor in Radical Comedy at Edge Hill University.
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14th May 2014
‘Tutta casa, letto e chiesa: monologues by Franca Rame’  

Written by Dario Fo and Franca Rame, performed by critical acclaimed actress Marina de Juli.
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2nd April 2014
‘Beyond Benefits Street’ Symposium  

A symposium responding to current debates on welfare, ‘poverty porn’ and the demonization of working classes by popular media – featuring guest speakers.
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26th March 2014
Greening The Media  

Professor Toby Miller delivers a lecture exploring creative, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to manufacturing, consuming and discarding electronic devices.
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22nd March 2014
Cutting Edge Conference

A postgraduate research conference exploring culture, identity and representation in media and broader contexts.
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5th March 2014
ESRC Funding Seminar  

A workshop and seminar with Dr Richard Twine exploring how to approach the ESRC for funding, opportunities and procedures.
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5th March 2014
Performance for Civic Futures: Fooling with Contradiction

The first seminar in the 2014 series will be delivered by Tim Prentki, Visiting Professor in Radical Comedy, member of the Performance and Civic Futures Research Group.
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