WoWFEST 19- May 2019


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Writing on the Wall (WoW) is a writing and literature organisation based in Liverpool hosting the city’s longest-running and nationally acclaimed literature festival – WoWFEST.

WoW supports and promotes equality, diversity and inclusion. WoW’s exciting programme nutures new and aspiring novelists, poets and spoken word artists.

Change is in the air. All that is solid, like the icecaps, is melting into air. Things fall apart – can the centre hold? The rich are getting richer, but otherwise uncertainty is getting the order of the day; Brexit, climate change, class, feminism, gender, race, populism, fake news, digital surveillance, and more, much more are changing and challenging all our old conceptions.

The stage is now set at WoWFEST 19 to see answers to the question…


Timetable of Events: WoWFEST runs throughout May, with events taking place at different venues around Liverpool.

To see the timetable of events along with ticket prices, click here.

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