ICE Governance

ICE Governance

ICE Management Team:

ICE Director: Professor Martin McQuillan

ICE Committees:

  • ICE Steering Group:
    The University has established an internal Strategy Group to provide both oversight and leadership to the Institute.
  • ICE Internal Advisory Board:
    The planning and development approach adopted by the Institute is to encourage and to support projects and ideas at a local (or departmental) level. The Internal Advisory Board has members of staff to support and to promote the idea of ICE within their faculty and across faculty boundaries.


Steering Group

The University has established an internal Steering Group to provide oversight and leadership to the Institute. The Group meets at least three times a year and reports to the University Research Committee on the progress, aims and strategic plans of the Institute.

The ICE Steering Group Terms of Reference:

  1. To support, promote and facilitate the work of the Institute across the University;
  2. To advise Academic Board via the Research Committee on the ways in which the Institute meets the strategic aims of the University;
  3. To provide advice and guidance to the Director of the Institute and to those representing the Institute in the Faculties;
  4. To review the Work Programme of the Institute and to provide strategic and operational insights to ensure its successful implementation, and to suggest priorities for large scale bids;
  5. To support the role and activity of the Advisory Group;
  6. To meet at least three times a year.

The ICE Steering Group Membership:

  1. Chair : PVC (Research) Prof George Talbot
  2. Secretary: Roz Di Caprio
  3. ICE Director: Prof Martin McQuillan
  4. ICE Associate Director
  5. Director of the Research Office: Dr Nikki Craske
  6. Director of Corporate Communications: Nicky Speed
  7. Director of Clinical Research, PGMI: Prof Sally Spencer
  8. Associate Dean (Students and External) FoE: Dr Helen O’Keeffe
  9. FAS Associate Dean (Enterprise & Employability): Prof Simon Bolton
  10. Arts Centre Manager: Dr Cathy Butterworth
  11. Acting Head of Performing Arts: Dr Anastasia Konstantopoulou
  12. Head of Department of Computer Science: Prof Nik Bessis
  13. Head of Media: Prof Matthew Pateman
  14. Head of English, History and Creative Writing: Prof Paul Ward

Internal Advisory Board

The ICE Internal Advisory Board is informal and self-organising. It acts as a network within the University and draws in the individual external links and connections which are part of the world of practice and research which, in turn, contributes to the programme of activity sponsored and promoted by ICE.
The Board meets at least twice a year and provides a ‘space’ for discussion and ideas on the development of the Institute.


Chair: Professor Martin McQuillan, Director, Institute for Creative Enterprise
Secretary: Roz Di Caprio
Dr Jenny Barrett (Lecturer in Film Studies)
Professor Geoff Beattie (Professor of Psychology)
Professor Simon BoltonFAS Associate Dean (Enterprise & Employability)
Dr Alyson Brown (Associate Head – Research and Postgraduate)
Dr Cathy Butterworth (Arts Centre Manager)
Dr Ailsa Cox (Reader and Tutor in Creative Writing and English)
Professor Jo Crotty (Director, Institute for Public Policy & Professional Practice)
Professor Derek Heim (Department of Psychology)
Dr Chris Hughes (Lecturer in Coach Education, Department of Sport & Physical Activity)
Professor Victor Merriman (Performing Arts)
Professor Clare Parkinson (Professor of Film, Television and Digital Media, and Co-Director of CFHAS)
Dr Francesca Sobande (Lecturer in Marketing and Advertising)
Professor George Talbot (PVC Research & Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences)

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