ICE Event: 8th October 2014

Annual ErRS Event:

Slavery and Memorialisation

The Ethnicity, ‘Race’ and Racism Seminar Series, formed in 2010, runs throughout the year at Edge Hill University welcoming scholars and leading figures in the fields of research, ethnic relations and policy-making.

seminar1The campaign by Caribbean states for reparations for European slavery and its effects raises profound and urgent questions regarding memorialisation in the Atlantic world. This need for renewed reflection is compounded by recent and ongoing scholarship that extends our understanding of the extent of slavery’s economic impact and legacies in the colonial metropole and by seminar2debates about its place in the history of capitalism. This symposium provides an opportunity to reflect on memorialisation in this changing context. Coinciding with the UK’s Black History month, the event also engages with the question of the role of scholarship in this contested field in our new era of public engagement.

We are delighted to welcome our two keynote speakers: Dr Richard Benjamin, Head of the International Slavery Museum, and Professor Alan Rice, Professor of English & American Studies, University of Central Lancashire and founding member of the Institute for Black Atlantic Research.

For more information about the Ethnicity, ‘Race’ and Racism Seminar Series click HERE

Date: Wednesday 8th October 2014

4.30pm Registration and Refreshments
5.00pm Event Start
6.00pm Refreshments and Networking

Venue: Performing Arts Building (building 6 on the Map) at Edge Hill University (Directions)

Registration: closed.

Professor Alan Rice – ‘Slavery, Racial Injustice and Guerilla Memorialisation in the Circum-Atlantic’

Dyana Saad – ‘Remembrance and Repression: The Memorialisation of Slavery  inBermuda’

‘Mapping Slavery in Amsterdam’ – Dineke Stam, Intercultural  Museum and Heritage Projects, Jennifer Tosch, Black Heritage Tours,  and Nancy Jouwe, Intercultural Museum and Heritage Projects,

Dr Richard  Benjamin – ‘Slavery and Memorialisation’

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