Episode 7: Chief Executive of FACT, Nicola Triscott

“Being the new Chief Executive of FACT…it’s my dream job! I’ve always loved FACT & when the job came up, it was a no-brainer for me.”

CEO of FACT, Nicola Triscott2019 saw the welcoming of a new Chief Executive to FACT – Film, Art & Creative Technology – in Liverpool and we were dying to know more. We were delighted to be joined by Nicola Triscott as we learnt more about her journey to become the ‘boss of FACT’ following the success of establishing and developing Arts Catalyst, which became one of the UK’s most distinctive contemporary art and research organisations.

We hear how Nicola’s move to Liverpool coincided with an extremely lively May weekend in the city and she tells us how she’s settled into life up North since then.

In this episode, Nicola also shares what it means to her to run an arts organisation in a city like Liverpool. Listeners can also hear Nicola’s thoughts on the future of FACT and how she’d like it to continue making an impact on Merseyside and its young people.

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