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Episode 8: Angela Samata

Angela SamataIt’s week eight on The Lonely Arts Club and we’re joined by Angela Samata who is an arts professional and an award winning documentary maker. Angela presented the BBC1 BAFTA nominated and winner of the Mind Media Award for Best Factual TV Documentary, “Life After Suicide”. In this episode, we hear about Angela’s journey through education and family life and how it’s brought her to where she is now. Angela speaks openly about losing her partner to suicide and how that impacted on her life, leading her to become Chair of the Bereaved by Suicide, for which she is now an ambassador.

Please note, that some listeners may find this podcast episode upsetting.

Episode 7: Nicola Triscott

CEO of FACT, Nicola Triscott

This week on The Lonely Arts Club, Martin McQuillan is joined by Nicola Triscott, who is the CEO of FACT in Liverpool. In 2019, Nicola Triscott became the new Chief Executive, following on from the success of establishing and developing Arts Catalyst, which became one of the UK’s most distinctive contemporary art and research organisations. In this episode, Nicola shares her thoughts for the future of FACT, how she’d like it to continue making an impact on Merseyside and its young people and also what it means to run an arts organisation.

Episode 6: Rita Tushingham

Photograph from ritatushingham.com

This week on The Lonely Arts Club, we’re joined by iconic actress, Rita Tushingham.
Born and raised in Liverpool, Rita became the first significant female face of the British New Wave in cinema. Starring in films such as ‘A Taste of Honey’, ‘Girl with Green Eyes’ and ‘The Knack’, Rita shares stories of where her journey into acting began at the age of just seventeen and how her career was shaped by often being cast in rather controversial roles.

Episode 5: Mike McCartney

© Fabio De Paola

We’re delighted to welcome Mike McCartney to episode 5 of The Lonely Arts Club. Mike recalls fond memories of growing up in Liverpool and how he had to find another path when his dreams of going to Liverpool Art College were shattered. Mike also speaks of the highs and lows of his time in musical trio, The Scaffold, and shares with listeners some of the serendipitous discoveries he’s made along the way…and will Martin succeed in finding out what ‘The Aintree Iron’ is!?

Episode 4: Paddy Hoey

Episode 4 of The Lonely Arts Club features journalist, broadcaster, writer & expert in media activism, Paddy Hoey. Paddy speaks about growing up in Northern Ireland, where his inspiration to be a journalist came from and how his path has brought him to Liverpool. Paddy also shares his views on what role the media has in today’s society and the drastic changes that the industry has seen over the last twenty years.

Episode 3: Helen Legg

© Roger Sinek, Tate Liverpool

This week on The Lonely Arts Club, we’re joined by the Director of Tate Liverpool, Helen Legg, and we hear of her path through education and her career in the arts that’s led her to where she is now. Recorded back in June of this year, on her first anniversary in the role, Helen speaks of her fondness for Liverpool and shares her thoughts on how the creative industry can continue to thrive in the city.

Episode 2: Gemma Bodinetz

Photograph by Brian Roberts

During this episode of The Lonely Arts Club, Martin McQuillan is joined by the Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse Artistic Director, Gemma Bodinetz. Gemma takes us on a journey of her life in theatre and how she knew even from playground days that she was destined to be a director. Throughout this episode, we hear where Gemma’s love for the arts started and the twists and turns that her path has taken to lead her to where she is now.

Episode 1: Carl Hunter

During this episode, Martin McQuillan speaks to film director and musician, Carl Hunter. Following the release of Carl’s first feature film earlier this year, Sometimes Always Never, we hear about what it was like to work with actors such as Billy Nighy & Jenny Agutter. Carl also talks about his career as bass player of Liverpool band The Farm and his love for homemade soup.