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Series Three

Series 3 Bonus track: Stand up comedian and successful author Alexei Sayle Episode 10 Bonus track: Singer from Liverpool band The Farm, Peter Hooton Episode 10: Award-winning author, Carys Bray Episode 9: Former Member of the Labour Party, Derek Hatton Episode 8: Lead Singer of The Real Thing & Songwriter, Chris Amoo Episode 7: Actor, model and author, Phina Oruche Episode 6: Member of OMD & Music Producer, Andy McCluskey Episode 5: Film Producer & Professor of Film & TV, Roger Shannon Episode 4: Actress, Writer & Award-Winning Comedian, Jo Caulfield Episode 3: Chef Patron of The Art School, Paul Askew Episode 2: Journalist & Radio Presenter, Ngunan Adamu Episode 1: TV Producer, Colin McKeown MBE

Series Two

Bonus episode: Best of Series Two Episode 11: Playwright & Composer, Willy Russell Episode 10: Former CEO of Channel 5 & Getty Images, Dawn Airey Episode 9: Radio & TV Broadcaster, Janice Long Episode 8: Founder of The Doc Society & Filmmaker, Beadie Finzi Episode 7: Award-Winning Journalist & Author, Brian Reade Episode 6: Guitarist in Echo & The Bunnymen, Will Sergeant Episode 5: Director of Pinball London & Journalist, Paula Vaccaro Episode 4: Director of Liverpool Biennial & Writer, Fatos √ústek Episode 3: Broadcaster & Host of The Anfield Wrap, Neil Atkinson Episode 2: BAFTA Winning Screenwriter, Joe Ainsworth Episode 1: CEO of Mowgli & curry evangelist, Nisha Katona MBE

Series One

Bonus Episode: Best of Series One Episode 10: Film Director, Mike Hodges Episode 9: Cultural, Creative & Digital Strategist, Jo Wright Episode 8: Arts Professional, Angela Samata Episode 7: CEO of FACT, Nicola Triscott Episode 6: Actress, Rita Tushingham Episode 5: Artist & Musician, Mike McCartney Episode 4: Journalist & Broadcaster, Paddy Hoey Episode 3: Director of Tate Liverpool, Helen Legg Episode 2: Artistic Director of Everyman, Gemma Bodinetz Episode 1: Film Director, Musician and Designer, Carl Hunter

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