Episode 9: Creative, Cultural & Digital Economy Strategist, Jo Wright

If you start to look at the role that the creative industries can play in regenerating parts of the country. Well, there are parts of Liverpool – Rope Walks, Baltic Triangle – which at times in recent history were derelict, red light areas. Property values were negligible and it has largely been cultural and/or creative industries activity that has started to make those areas more desirable to visit and to live and thereby helps bring some of these communities back from the brink of being wastelands to being some of the most attractive, valuable parts of the city.

As the creative and cultural sector slips further down the list of priorities for the country, we often wonder what the future holds for the industry. At a time when funding for theatres, galleries and arts spaces is virtually non-existent, cities and towns are still called upon to deliver a diverse cultural offering to local residents, those passing through and potential tourists.

As the budgets get tighter yet the want and need continues to grow stronger, many Jo Wright, Creative, Cultural & Digital Economy Strategistorganisations look to professionals like Jo Wright for advice. Jo is a Creative, Cultural & Digital Economy Strategist, who has supported major UK cities in their cultural development.

During the episode, we hear what a role like this involves and Jo provides fascinating insight into the world of the cultural and creative industries; what are the trends of the economy? What’s working and what isn’t? How can we tackle the issues that repeatedly crop up? Being an expert in this field, Jo has a wealth of knowledge and there’s lots to cover in just one episode! If you’re interested in the economy of the arts and the role it plays in today’s society, then this is the episode for you!

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