Conference: Independent States

Institute for Creative Enterprise

Independent States Conference 4-5th September 2014

The Institute for Creative Enterprise held its inaugural two-day conference on 4th and 5th September 2014. The theme for the conference was ‘independence’. Specifically, the conference asked what ‘independence’ means for and within the creative and cultural sectors and explored the ways in which independence signals aesthetic, creative, economic, political or ideological distinctiveness. Alongside this, the call for papers asked speakers to consider labour in the sector, precarious or portfolio careers and how changes to funding, production, distribution and marketing have transformed relationships between ‘indies’ and audiences. This conference aimed to consider these themes across local, regional, national and global contexts.

The event included speakers from academia, the creative industries and community groups. Four keynote speakers presented over the two days: Eddie Berg (Director of Partnerships, BFI), Dr Yannis Tzioumakis (University of Liverpool), Professor Sue Clayton (Goldsmiths University) and Professor Roger Shannon (EHU). Over the two days, four panels on radical film, current practices, indie television and culture and Scottish independence took place. In addition there were three roundtables dealing with indie culture in Liverpool, independent media and business, and cultural politics and Gaza. The two days were broadly engaged with the larger themes of industry on day one and cultural politics on day two. The panels and roundtables included a variety of speakers including the founders of the Bristol Radical Film Festival and the Radical Film Network, the founder and director of InsideFilm, academics from thirteen different UK universities and industry specialists from Sony, British Film Institute, Liverpool Culture Company, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool Sound City, Liverpool Comedy Festival in addition to an indie blogger, PR specialist and representatives from community groups including Liverpool Friends of Palestine.

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