Wednesday 2nd April 2014

The ‘Beyond Benefits Street’ symposium responds to current debates on welfare, ‘poverty porn’ and the demonization of working classes by popular media. This symposium aims to explore alternatives to current commissioned television programming, to critique journalistic practices and the framing of working class culture, and to discuss the role and obligations of HE media departments, taking as our starting point Owen Jones’ recent comment: “As unpaid internships and expensive Masters’ qualifications become gateways to TV careers, it is the privileged who are commissioning the shows” (Independent, 21.1.14).

‘Beyond Benefits Street’ will include speakers from the film and media industries as well as contributions from academics in the fields of journalism, communications and media studies. This public event includes screenings of Condition of the Working Class (2012); Giro: Is This the Modern World? (1985) and a selection of short films. ‘Beyond Benefits Street’ aims to stimulate discussion and debate.

The event will take place in the University’s new Creative Edge building on Wednesday 2nd April 2014. The symposium is from 12- 5pm. Screenings are from 5-7pm. All welcome.

Beyond Benefits Street Symposium Schedule (PDF)

Registration for the event is now open. If you wish to attend, please visit:

A free screening of The Stuart Hall Project will also be taking place the night beforehand.