On behalf of all my colleagues at Edge Hill welcome to the Institute for Public Policy and Professional Practice (I4P). I am delighted that we are engaged in drawing together the many skilled and dedicated practitioners and professionals working in and around the North West and, also, those with whom we work nationally as well as internationally. I am very proud of the traditions and history of Edge Hill which go back to the 19th Century when it was established as the first non-denominational teacher training institution for women. We are steeped in a tradition which encourages critical thinking, collaboration between the worlds of practice and Higher Education and I4P is committed to continuing that tradition.

One of the consequences of the crises of 2008 has been the impact on the world of public policy making, practice and thinking. We see I4P as one of our contributions to supporting colleagues and decision makers across their different professional and geographical boundaries and communities of practice in their thinking and self- reflection.

We, also, see I4P as part of our commitment to the education, training and continuing professional development of those engaged both in the front line as well as being part of the decision making at a strategic level.

Please do see Edge Hill University and I4P as partner and collaborator in your work.

We really do welcome you and look forward to working with you.

john-caterJohn Cater
Vice Chancellor


Vice Chancellor John Cater introduces I4P and explains what it means to him: YouTube

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