I4P Research Clusters

I4P is pleased to support and promote these research centres, groups and networks at Edge Hill University:

Research Centres

Arts for Wellbeing Research Group

The research theme of Arts for Wellbeing builds upon existing practice-based expertise, research and knowledge transfer experience in the arts for wellbeing. It works with research publications (books, chapters, articles, systematic reviews and practice-based outputs) and with existing links and connections at local, national and international levels. The group’s aim is to generate evidence of good arts practice for wellbeing across the life span.  For more information please check out the Arts for Wellbeing Homepage

Child Protection and Safeguarding (ChiPS)

ChiPS is a research network focused on the abuse, exploitation and maltreatment of children, young people and vulnerable adults.  It is an open network that seeks collaborative, interdisciplinary and cross-sector approaches to knowledge development and exchange that will enhance safeguarding and child protection in all settings. Fundamentally, we seek to explore and enhance organisational and institutional responses to abuse and exploitation through a range of theoretical perspectives, personal experiences and robust empirical evidence. ChiPS welcomes any individual or organisation with similar interests. For more information please contact Mike Hartill: Hartillm@edgehill.ac.uk

Ethnicity, Race and Racism Group (ErRS)

ErRS is an interdisciplinary research hub that explores pressing contemporary questions of race, racism, and ethnicity across time and space.Each year, we run a themed seminar programme and a symposium. Our focus for 2017 is ‘Lived Experiences of Anti-Racism Activism in Europe Since the 1970s’.  Everybody is welcome to attend these informal ‘In Conversation’ events. For more information please check out the ErRS Homepage

Research Groups

Migration Working Group-North West (MWG-NW)

Migration Working Group-North West (MWG-NW) brings together academics, organisations and practitioners working on migration who are either based in the North West of the UK, or researching migration in this region. Edge Hill University academics’ work touches upon a wide range of topics within the field of migration, such as migrants’ integration, diasporas and representation, refugee law and policy, locality and diversity, and arts, health and wellbeing. For more information please check out the MWG-NW Homepage

Research Networks

Action for Refugees (AfR)

Promoting a multi-faceted, positive response to the refugee crisis that includes learning from the experiences, skills and knowledge of all involved.  For more information please check out the Action for Refugees Homepage and their blog.

CREATE – Interdisciplinary Research Network

This interdisciplinary research network launched in March 2018 under the support of I4P. CREATE focuses on the values, purposes and methodological issues in research, across widely varying substantive areas of expertise. The network embraces research that:

  • Is emancipatory
  • Is interdisciplinary
  • Promotes community engagement and real-world issues, linking scholarship to reality
  • Is democratic, and challenges the status quo
  • Is pluralistic
  • Is humanistic

For more information please contact Claire Hawkins hawkinsc@edgehill.ac.uk and Mary McAteer mcateerm@edgehill.ac.uk.

Civil Society Research Group (CSRG)

Civil society is a contested concept cutting across disciplinary boundaries and bringing into focus key questions about the relationship between society, economy and polity. In recent decades it has re-emerged as one of the most significant concepts in the social sciences. Given its contested and broad nature it is difficult to delineate precisely the range and scope of themes that the Civil Society Research Group will cover, but amongst other things it will include:

  • Theoretical understanding and empirical knowledge of different types, forms and expressions of civil society;
  • What makes a good society and how institutions across economy, polity and society at large contribute to this;
  • How communities organise;
  • Social movements;
  • Social justice;
  • Governance and democracy;
  • The common good;
  • The human condition.

CSRG welcomes any individual or organisation with interests in any of these areas. For more information please contact Paul Bunyan: paul.bunyan@edgehill.ac.uk

more coming soon…

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