Edge Hill University

Alyson Brown

Alyson Brown is a Reader in History and Associate Head of English and History at Edge Hill University. She has researched and published extensively on the history of crime and punishment in modern Britain. Her publications include English Society and the Prison (2003) and Inter-war Penal Policy and Crime in England: The Dartmoor Prison Riot 1932 (2013). She also has an interest in prison heritage and in varied methods of teaching subjects like crime and punishment.

Linda Friday

Linda is a PhD student & Graduate teaching assistant at Edge Hill University. Her research considers location-specific importance within late Victorian urban gothic fiction, the relationship and influences of the journalistic reportage of the nineteenth century and the contemporary reader’s perception of Victorian novels. This area of research is facilitated by the digitalisation of Humanities archive and periodical material. She is actively involved in Edge Hill’s HEA funded e-learning project, ‘e-Gothicist’, a web based educational resource for Gothic scholars. Other areas of interest include; Victorian Gothic fiction, e-learning, spatial theory, digital archive recovery, social history and popular culture-nineteenth century, print culture, the fin-de-siècle.

Matt Lawson

Matt Lawson is a PhD candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant at Edge Hill University. His PhD research is focused on historical film music used within German films based upon the Holocaust, with an intention of determining geographical, political, cultural and ethical reasoning behind the use of specific music in case studies from East, West and reunified Germany. Being based in the Media department at Edge Hill, my involvement with this project will incorporate both my musical background and my interest in the wider media. Film and music are two key sources of historical inquiry which are often pushed away in favour of more ‘traditional’ (yet incontrovertibly valuable) sources such as literature, artwork and architecture.

Mason Norton

Mason is a second-year PhD student in History at Edge Hill University. After being educated at Keele University, Université de Limoges and the University of Nottingham, he taught English, History and Geography as a Language Assistant in an upper secondary school (Lycée), before returning to the UK in 2012 to begin his PhD at Edge Hill. He specialises in Modern French History, especially from a ‘History from Below’ perspective and particularly the Resistance. His thesis is on the social composition of resistance in Upper Normandy.

Roger Spalding

Roger Spalding took his first degree at UEA. He then embarked on a career as a secondary school teacher, beginning during this period of employment a part-time research degree, again at UEA, Norwich on the politics of the Labour Left 1931-1945. Before completing this degree he left teaching to form an independent film company, Praxis Films Ltd. In the first four years of its existence the company made three documentaries funded by and screened on Channel 4. Two of these dealt with the demise of the Grimsby fishing industry and the other the changing fortunes of Hull Dockers, from the 1880s to the present-day.  Shortly after completing his MPhil at UEA, Roger was appointed to a post at Edge Hill. His research interests include: British Left-wing movements, The Culture and Politics of the 1930s, Historiography.

University of Roehampton

Alessandra Abbattista

Alessandra is currently registered on the MPhil/PhD in Classics at the University of Roehampton. Her research focuses on the depiction and characterisation of the female avengers in Attic tragedy, through analysis of relevant animal metaphors.

Alison Messer

Alison Messer is head of Secondary ITT at the University of Roehampton and leads History MA Education and PGCE History courses for teachers. She taught in schools for 20 years before coming to Roehampton to pursue research interests in e-learning in History.

Recent publication: History wikis in Using new technologies to enhance teaching and learning in History ed. T.Haydn 2012 Routledge

Daniel Taylor

Daniel is a doctoral research student in Philosophy investigating collective desire in Spinoza and Deleuze, with a research background in modern and early modern history.

Ted Vallance

Ted Vallance is Reader in early modern history in the Department of Humanities. His research and teaching interests are in seventeenth-century English political history and in the history and commemoration of British radicalism in both early modern and modern eras.

Institute of Education, University of London

Arthur Chapman

Arthur Chapman is Senior Lecturer in History Education at The Institute of Education, University of London. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the Historical Association and co-editor of Teaching History and Associate Editor of The International Journal of History Teaching Learning and Research. Arthur’s key research interests are in the development of children’s understandings of historical interpretations and in the use of digital technologies to develop children’s thinking and Arthur’s previous research projects include the History Virtual Academy (2008-2011). Constructing History 11-19, jointly edited with Professor Hilary Cooper, was published by Sage in 2009 and Arthur is currently working on three book projects exploring historical thinking and learning for Routledge, Bloomsbury and Information Age.
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