Research Institute Thematic Awards (RITA)

Research Institute Thematic Awards (RITA)

The University has established the RITAs specifically to support bids involving interdisciplinary and / or multidisciplinary activities based within the research institutes (I4P, ICE, PGMI). Interdisciplinary research here is understood as occurring where the contributions of the various disciplines are integrated to provide holistic or systematic outcome: these tend to generate new ways of doing research which integrate the different disciplinary approaches. Multidisciplinary research brings together disciplines to investigate issues from each of their perspectives.  Researchers may collaborate, but they maintain a separation of their disciplines in that process.  Eligibility for the RITAs can be found here


  • Improving Patient Care
  • Improving Service Delivery
  • Improving Professional Practice through education and training
  • Improving public health and promoting healthy lifestyles

The aims of the RITAs are to:

  • Generate high quality research outputs that would be eligible for inclusion in the REF for one or more team members.
  • Support the development of high quality impact case studies by supporting projects that link with external partners.
  • Help generate research clusters and groupings linked to the research institutes
  • Support the generation of external bids

For full details including eligibility, the application process and timetable summary you can visit the Research Support Office page here.  

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