How it Works

Professor Simon Rogers explains how the PCI works for Head & Neck Cancer Patients in an outpatient clinic setting.

The PCI-H&N (PCI – Head and Neck) is routinely used in a number of in head and neck oncology out-patients clinics.  The PCI-H&N is completed just before to the consultation and allows patients to choose from a list of 56 items or issues that they would specifically like to mention or discuss at their consultation. The PCI has five domains: i) Physical and functional well-being (29 items), ii) Treatment related (3 items), iii) Social care and social wellbeing (9 items), and iv) Psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being (14 items), v) Other (1 item which is free text).  Ideally each item identified by the patient should be discussed but if there are too many items selected it might be prudent to ask the patients to choose their top three or four priorities for that clinic or make arrangements for a longer consultation.

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