On 26th June 2017, Edge Hill University hosted an autism catalyst event. This event gathered together individuals with autism, the families of individuals with autism, professionals in the fields of Health and Education and researchers who have an interest or expertise in autism, providing invitees with the opportunity to look at different ways of approaching collaborative working across organisations with a view to developing innovative research that is informed by the concerns of individuals with autism and their families.

From this, a series of meetings will be held between October 2017 and March 2018 in order to:

  • Identify research questions of importance to individuals with autism and their families
  • Create new, exciting and innovative collaborations to develop research funding
  • Improve links between the NHS and other organisations with universities to facilitate research and support changes in practice

Please email Fiona Hallett on hallettf@edgehill.ac.uk if you would like to get involved in follow-up research projects.