Service Users and Carers

The Edge Hill University (FoHSCM) Service User and Carer Council and Service User and Carer Group, partners with academics, health and social care professionals, families and service users, to develop, strengthen, advance and inspire the highest quality patient healthcare and service user standards through collective planning, mutual action and policy advocacy.

Toni Bewley, Chair of Service Users and Carers Council.

What Service Users and Carers Do – Contact

For more information on some of our Service Users and Carers, please see the profiles showcased below (click on the arrow to extend each profile):

Lily Batteson

My name is Lily.  I first became involved with the Service User and Carer Council at Edge Hill University after being diagnosed with Von Hippel Lindau Syndrome (VHL).  My diagnosis has included long in-patient stays in hospital, development of a physical disability and requires screening referral for the rest of my life.

I am also involved with a national support group for people with VHL and there is a conduit between the work of the (support) group and as a service user.  I raise awareness within both organisations.  I have experience as a carer too, in providing support for a close relative.

Involvement and sharing experiences of health and social care systems, is one way we help  influence the future delivery of education and in supporting patients, their families and carers.

My involvement within the Service User and Carer Council has been very constructive and my perspective and experiences have been well received in making a positive contribution in the training of health care workers of tomorrow.

Terry Bell

My name is Terry.  I have undergone several major procedures through Southport and Ormksirk NHS Trust; Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital (a triple bypass); and the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, where I still attend clinics for check-ups. I am extremely grateful to the NHS.

As an NHS service user, I work with the Faculty of Health, Social Care & Medicine in a variety of ways, including talking to students about my experiences of the health and social care system.
I support pre-registration Nursing recruitment and selection processes (interviews) and I have been involved in clinical skills role-play, acting as a patient in Observed Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) – that’s OCSE’s not the OSCARS!

My two children have both chosen careers as NHS health care professionals, and I have worked in the health and social care sector myself. From my personal experiences, I believe embedding service users in education makes a positive difference to the student learning experience, and the opportunity I have as a service user certainly enriches my life.

“I really enjoy my role engaging with Edge Hill University as a service user.”

Anne Greenop

My name is Anne.  I have been a foster carer for 40 years and also cared for my elderly mother.  My role with Edge Hill University started with the social work team, now I work across the Faculty of Health, Social Care & Medicine.

I am part of the service user and carer interview support team, I take part in ” role playing” different scenarios, and I also contribute to modules where I give real life case studies, to describe how foster carers have to care for children in the care system.

As we are still fostering I feel my contribution to student learning is real & up to date.  I hope I leave students able to reflect and debate on the good ( and bad) examples I give. I try to show students how important good communication is & show them examples of good outcomes.

Sharing such experiences offers a feeling of value, both for myself, students and staff.

Dawn Krueger

My name is Dawn and I have been on the service user and carer group since 2013.

I am Mum to my 23 year old son, Spencer who has complex needs and lives at home with his two brothers, his dad and I. He also has a step sister who comes to stay regularly.

Life at home is challenging at the best of times, this is both helped and further challenged by the fact we have 2 personal assistants (PA’s) in the house 21 hours a day.

As a result of our beautiful and very complicated lives, we are able to offer students a snap shot of what it is like for us to manage on a daily basis. Both student nurses and social workers have evaluated how helpful this is for their studies and future careers.

I have been fortunate to help in many ways; giving talks, sitting in on interviews, role plays, assessments, as well as innovative projects such as sibling support surveys and respite reviews.

I say that I have been fortunate, as I am proud of the fact that our lives are part of a movement that is driving forward personalised care and support.

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