Developing a Business Case for Change and Innovation HEA4207


The module vision is to develop leaders / managers who are able to: understand the drivers for change; support their ideas with a clear rationale and evidence-base; explore the feasibility and viability of projects; act as team project leads and work across traditional boundaries. This will require an understanding of simple health economics, project planning, evaluation methodologies and delivering effective cases for change.

Module Code: HEA4207
Level: 7
Credits: 20
Cost: £680 Price for Sept 2019 to Jul 2020

Who is this module for?

This module is core to the Leadership and Management pathways. It is applicable to clinicians and non-clinicians (within Health and Social Care) wanting to further their managerial scope and knowledge, in delivering quality Health and Social Care. There are no prerequisites required for this module.

What are the key aims of the programme?

Appraise the rationale, evidence-base and drivers for change and how they impact on a business case for change and / or innovation within Health and Social care.

Explore the feasibility, viability, potential benefits and risks of a case for change / innovation within Health and Social Care.

Demonstrate conceptual analysis of the communication, implementation, monitoring and evaluation strategies associated with a case for change within Health and Social Care.

What will I study?

* Macro and micro drivers for change within Health and Social care

* Health Economics - 'big' picture and use of data

* Change analysis tools, operational analysis

* Project rationale, vision and project strategic 'fit'; scoping; risk analysis

* Stakeholder analysis; communication, influence and engagement strategies

* Project feasibility and viability: cost / benefit analysis / options appraisal

* Project management: implementation, monitoring and evaluation methodologies / strategies.

* Business cases, metrics, key performance indicators

How will I be assessed?

A 4000 word (indicative) report outlining a business case for change / innovation within Health and Social Care.

On successful completion you will:

You will be able to undertake analysis to inform and design an idea for change / innovation within Health and Social Care; you'll be able to develop that idea into a coherent, evidenced-based proposal. Upon completion of the module, you'll be familiar with the key stages of project implementation, and to be able to formulate strategies to evaluate projects effectively. In short, this module provides you with the knowledge and skills to progress a case for change through the whole change cycle.

Study Dates and Venues

February 2020

Venue: Ormskirk Campus

Starts: Tue 25th Feb 2020

Session Times:
  • 1st Session: Tuesday, 25 Feb 20, 9.00am -16.00, Attendance
  • 2nd Session: Tuesday, 10 Mar 20, 9.00am -16.00, Attendance
  • 3rd Session: Tuesday 17 Mar 20, 9.00am -16.00, Attendance
  • 4th Session: Tuesday, 24 Mar 20, 9.00am -16.00, Attendance
  • 5th Session: Tuesday, 28 Apr 20, 9.00am -16.00, Attendance
  • Assignment Support Session: Tuesday, 05 May 20 or other date negotiated with Lecturer
  • Submission Deadline, Monday, 1st June 2020, 4pm

Study dates and times are subject to change.

Further Information

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