Delivering Teaching and Facilitating Learning Opportunities CPD4456


The focus of this module is on the application of theory to practice and will require you to build on the knowledge and understanding gained from your earlier studies on the programme. The module explores a variety of approaches and methods to teaching and learning facilitation, and reviews a number of teaching techniques, thus giving you the opportunity to consider how this relates specifically to your own unique context. These approaches, methods and techniques are set within the broader context of becoming and developing as a professional, of supporting a diverse range of students and trainees in the processes of learning and career management, and of the resources which can reinforce your teaching and learning facilitation. Participants need to be working in practice for the duration of the module.

Module Code: CPD4456
Level: 7
Credits: 20
Cost: £680 for Sept 2019 to July 2020

Who is this module for?

Prospective participants are expected to be experienced professionals in their speciality, with some responsibility for clinical education. This might include the supervision of students' practice placements, the assessment of students, trainees or junior staff performing clinical skills, and formal/informal teaching sessions for students, trainees or junior staff etc.

The required knowledge and skills would all be satisfactorily evidenced by completion of module CPD4454 (or its equivalent).

What are the key aims of the programme?

This module aims to:
• Critically review the range of teaching approaches, methods and techniques available to participants within the clinical context.
• Relate the available research on the effectiveness of various approaches, methods and techniques to the actual experience of participants
• Examine the crucial role played by learning support, learning resources, and Communication & Information Technology in promoting teaching and learning
• Provide opportunities for participants to reflect on their teaching skills

What will I study?

• Application of learning theories to specific practice
• Approaches to learning and teaching
• Methods of teaching
• Techniques used in teaching
• Resources for your teaching
• Professional issues
o the professional educator
o managing your professional career
• Further developing/applying your philosophy of teaching

How will I be assessed?

Assessment required for successful completion

Contribute to at least 70% online discussion activities
Assessment 1.
This assessment demonstrates how your espoused theory is integrated into your teaching and learning practice. Drawing on the principles of patchwork text, the assignment is a portfolio of 3 Teaching & Learning sessions/activities developed using particular teaching approaches/methods/techniques/resources. The critical and reflective commentary will demonstrate, with reference to scholarly literature, how this design supports student learning, with especial consideration of student-centred learning.
Assessment 2.
Drawing on, and with reference to their experience of the online discussion board for this course, participants will produce a critical and constructive evaluation and reflection on the usefulness of online discussion as a teaching & learning methodology.

On successful completion you will:

1. Critically evaluate and determine the effectiveness of a range of teaching and learning facilitation techniques, with reference to achieving student-focused learning.
2. Critically evaluate research on teaching and learning to inform their professional teaching and learning facilitation practice
3. Rationalise and critique how they support diverse learners and learning needs, and utilise learning resources
4. Analyse and evaluate the use of Communication & Information Technology in the delivery of teaching and the facilitation of student-focused learning.

Study Dates and Venues

September 2019 S1

Venue: Ormskirk Campus

Starts: Thu 5th Sep 2019

Session Times:
  • WS1, Thursday, 5th Sep 19, 1.45pm to 5.00 pm Attendance
  • WS2, Friday, 4th Oct 19, 1.45pm to 5.00 pm Attendance
  • WS3, Wednesday, 6th Nov 19, 1.45pm to 5.00 pm Attendance
  • Submission date: Monday 16th Dec 2019, 4pm.

    Study dates and times are subject to change.

February 2020 S2

Venue: Ormskirk Campus

Starts: Wed 19th Feb 2020

Session Times:
  • WS1, Wednesday, 19/02/2020, 1.45pm to 5.00pm Attendance
  • WS2, Thursday, 19/03/2020, 1.45pm to 5.00pm Attendance
  • WS3, Friday, 24/04/2020, 1.45pm to 5.00pm Attendance
  • Submission date: Monday 1st June 2020, 4pm
  • Study dates and times are subject to change.

Further Information

Module availability varies from year to year and will be subject to minimum student numbers being achieved. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Due to the popularity of some modules it may be that the module is fully booked when your application is received. We will include your details on a waiting list and allocate you a place on the next available intake

For details of how to apply, please visit

If you have any other queries about studying with us, please see the FAQs

For details about module content please contact the module leader, Jill Cochrane via or on 01695 584479.


Options for further study (pathways)
This module is taken as one of the 3 modules comprising the

  • PG Cert Teaching & Learning in Clinical Practice
  • CPD4454 needs to be taken first, but the next 2 modules can be taken in either order. If you are a dentist and an Educational Supervisor (or aspiring to that role) then you would normally choose CPD4707. Likewise, if you are a consultant, a G.P. or a Specialist Trainee then you also can choose

  • Supporting the Postgraduate Learner in the Medical Workplace CPD4707
  • rather than CPD4455.