Assessing, Learning and Evaluating Teaching CPD4455


Teaching and facilitating learning, the assessment of learning and the evaluation of teaching are in practice closely linked. This module builds on content from the first module, CPD4454 Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Context. It provides the opportunity for participants to examine the different forms of assessment and the different means by which they evaluate their teaching and learning facilitation they use in their profession.

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Module Code: CPD4455
Level: 7
Credits: 20
Cost: £750 for Sept 2021 to July 2022

Who is this module for?

Prospective participants are expected to be experienced professionals in their speciality, with some responsibility for clinical education. This might include the supervision of students related to professional practice, clinical skill development or assessment processes. Teaching in clinical practice may involve formal or informal teaching methods. Level of student supervised may be undergraduate, postgraduate, junior staff, or similar. In addition, they should have a broad understanding of major theories of learning and teaching; an understanding of principles underpinning the process of planning and designing teaching and learning in the clinical context; and should be able to critically reflect on teaching and learning facilitation issues in their professional practice.

Participants need to be working in practice for the duration of the module.

The required knowledge and skills would all be evidenced by achievement of module CPD4454 (or its equivalent).

What are the key aims of the programme?

The module continues the theme of reflective learning, introduced earlier in the programme. At the same time participants will be gaining experience in both observing teaching and being observed as teachers.

The module aims to:

  • Review and critically analyse theories which inform both assessment and evaluation in the wider higher education context.
  • Apply these theories to actual practice within the clinical context.
  • Support participants in further developing a continually evolving Personal Philosophy of Teaching.
  • Provide opportunities for participants to observe and be observed by other peers in their teaching.

How Will I Study?

This module is normally studied over three contact sessions, blended with online learning and discussion. The module overall takes 15 weeks. This module will be offered each Semester 1.

What will I study?

The following is an indicative list of topics that will be addressed in this module:

  • Assessing learning
  • Purposes of assessment
  • Principles of assessment
  • Methods of assessment (e.g. workplace assessments, OSCEs, etc.)
  • Evaluating teaching
  • Methods of evaluation (e.g. questionnaires, nominal group technique, etc.)
  • Peer observation of teaching
  • Giving critical and constructive feedback
  • Professional portfolios
  • Developing your Philosophy of teaching statement
  • Continuing development as an educator

How will I be assessed?

Complete two written assessments and contribute to a minimum of 70% online discussion activities.

Assessment 1:
Participants will produce a report giving a critical evaluation of assessment and/or evaluation practice(s) within your own clinical context, with reference to scholarly literature, examining the appropriateness of approach(es) used in testing learning, skills and competencies. Participants will also consider the usefulness of the critiqued assessment(s) as a means of identifying learning gaps and future CPD needs.

Assessment 2:
Participants will produce a portfolio of evidence, based on the critically reflective statements derived from the process of peer observation, and accompanied by a set of appendices containing evidence relating to the observed sessions and feedback given/received.

On successful completion you will:

  • Present a rationale for forms of assessment of and for learning and evaluation of teaching which are appropriate to the clinical context.
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of major principles of assessment and evaluation in the wider context of higher education.
  • Demonstrate a critical awareness of processes involved in giving and using constructive and critical feedback in their teaching practice to facilitate student-focused learning.
  • Articulate and justify their Personal Philosophy of Teaching, and identify potential future needs and opportunities for engagement with CPD.
    • Study Dates and Venues

      September 2021 S1

      Venue: Ormskirk Campus

      Starts: Fri 17th Sep 2021

      Session Times:
      Workshop 1
    • Friday 17th September 2021, 9:30am-12:30pm
    • Workshop 2
    • Tuesday 5th October 2021, 9:30am-12:30pm
    • Workshop 3
    • Wednesday 3rd November 2021, 9:30am-12:30pm
    • Sessions planned for on-campus delivery may be moved online depending on demand.

      Study dates and times are subject to change.

      February 2022 S2

      Venue: Ormskirk Campus

      Starts: Thu 17th Feb 2022

      Session Times:
      Prior to the start of this module ensure that your professional references have been received and that you are fully enrolled onto the module by following the instructions provided to you by email.
      • Thursday 3 February 2022, Attendance, 9am – 12pm
      • Wednesday 9 February 2022, Independent Study
      • Thursday 17 February 2022, Independent Study
      • Wednesday 23 February 2022, Independent Study
      • Wednesday 2 March 2022, Attendance, 1pm – 5pm
      • Monday 7 March 2022 and Thursday 10 March 2022, Online via teams, Please make an appointment with your learning set tutor
      • Wednesday 16 March 2022, Independent Study
      • Wednesday 23 March 2022, Independent Study
      • Wednesday 30 March 2022, Independent Study
      • Wednesday 6 April 2022, Attendance, 1pm – 4pm
      • Wednesday 13 April 2022, Independent Study
      • Thursday 28 April 2022, Drafts due to be submitted by 4pm
      • Wednesday 4 May 2022, Independent Study
      • Wednesday 11 May 2022, Independent Study
      • Wednesday 18 May 2022, Independent Study
      • Wednesday 25 May 2022, Independent Study
      • Monday 30 May 2022, Submission via Turnitin before 4pm
      • Study dates and times are subject to change.

      Further Information

      Module availability varies from year to year and will be subject to minimum student numbers being achieved. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Due to the popularity of some modules it may be that the module is fully booked when your application is received. We will include your details on a waiting list and allocate you a place on the next available intake.

      We encourage you to apply as early as possible to give you the best chance to obtain a place on your preferred cohort, module applications will close as soon as the module is full. Applications received within two weeks of the start date may have to be considered for a later cohort.

      For details of how to apply, please visit the apply page.

      If you have any other queries about studying with us, please see the FAQs.

      For further information on module content, please contact the Module Co-ordinator, Jill Cochrane by email via [email protected].

      Alternatively, you can contact the Medical School via email on [email protected].


      Three modules are required to achieve a PGCERT. Please see below for information about the potential pathway you may engage in for this programme:

      • CPD 4454: Teaching & Learning in the clinical context - This is the first module of this programme. All PGCERT students need this module or an equivalent.
      • CPD 4455: Assessing Learning and Evaluating Teaching - Optional module.
      • CPD 4456: Delivering Teaching and Facilitating Learning Opportunities - All PGCERT students
      • CPD 4707: Supporting the Postgraduate Learner in the Medical Workplace - This module is for: Consultants, G.Ps. Specialist Trainees who can choose CPD4707 rather than CPD4455.
      • For information about the PGCERT please email Dr Lesley Briscoe, Programme Leader: [email protected].

        To apply for the PGCERT please access PG Cert Teaching & Learning in Clinical Practice.