Edge Hill University offers an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate health and social care courses depending on the career path you wish to take.


Our undergraduate courses are usually for learners with no previous higher education qualifications, for learners who wish to increase their knowledge of a specific subject or to prepare you for a particular career.

The Faculty’s nursing, medicine, midwifery, paramedic and operating department practitioner courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be a competent and efficient health professional. Our degree in social work will provide you with the professional qualification for social workers.

The Faculty also offers undergraduate degree programmes and top-up degrees in a wide range of applied health and social care subjects, including: health and social wellbeing; child health and wellbeing; nutrition; counselling and psychotherapy; and psychosocial analysis of offending behaviour.


The Faculty offers a range of apprenticeships with local partner organisations.  For information on our available apprenticeship programmes, this information is for applicants looking to study at apprenticeship level or employers who wish to work with us.

Postgraduate and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The Faculty’s postgraduate and CPD programmes are for health and social care practitioners who want to study a specific subject at a higher level, or who wish to gain a qualification to help them progress in their career.


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