Applied Health & Social Care Courses

People on an applied health and social care courseThere is a diverse range of programmes within Edge Hill University’s applied health and social care portfolio. Courses draw on a wide knowledge base of subjects and specialisms, traditional and contemporary, related to health and wellbeing and social care provision. This involves the inclusion and application of such disciplines as biological and health sciences, nutrition, public health and wellbeing, counselling, psychology and sociology, the behavioural sciences as well as ethics and law.


Our Undergraduate Applied Health and Social Care Courses can be seen below:

Course Name Qualification UCAS Code
Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Wellbeing BSc (Hons) BB76
Contemporary Mental Health Practice BSc (Hons) B765
Counselling & Psychotherapy BA (Hons) BC98
Critical Approaches to Counselling & Psychotherapy BSc (Hons) B9C8
Health & Social Wellbeing BA (Hons) L511
Nutrition & Health BSc (Hons) B400
Psychosocial Analysis of Offending Behaviour BSc (Hons) C816
Social Work BA (Hons) L500

We also offer a top-up programme giving you the opportunity to progress from a Foundation Degree (or equivalent) to an Honours degree:

Course Name Qualification UCAS Code
Integrated Children & Young People’s Practice BSc (Hons) Apply Direct

Our Postgraduate courses include:

Course Name Qualification UCAS Code
Applied Management of Offending Behaviour MSc Apply Direct
Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Wellbeing MSc Apply Direct
Psychotherapy and Counselling – Contemporary Creative Approaches MSc Apply Direct
Public Health Nutrition MSc Apply Direct

Throughout all our applied health and social care programmes, close alignment with the world of work and application to potential future employment is made.  The programmes have been developed by blending disciplines, resulting in an academic portfolio whose synchronicity with the work place ensures cutting-edge provision.

An applied health and social care programme will enable you to consider specific subjects whilst gaining the key transferable graduate skills essential to broaden your education and enhance your employability.


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