Lynda Carey


Senior Lecturer in Strategic & Operational Leadership
Office: Ormskirk campus, H011
Phone: 01695 657398

Lynda has held a number of senior nursing posts including Chief Nurse within a Clinical Commissioning Group, Head of Quality with a PCT and Head of Nursing within a Provider organisation. These senior roles have afforded her the opportunity to work at a national level and she currently sits on NHS England National Community Nursing Forum.

Lynda focuses on leadership development and application in practice, service improvement and the development of integrated care delivery. Her previous clinical experience in implementing service improvement has enabled her to develop a critical understanding of the application of theories within the changing health and social care domain. She is committed to the development of nursing practice and has a particular interest in the development of nursing mentors in practice.

In addition to her experience as a senior nurse, Lynda has over 20 years experience of working locally and nationally in the development of the nurses role in primary care. As a Practice Nurse by background, she has continued to work with this group both in the provision of education and in the development of the role, as a member of NHS England Community Nurse Forum.

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