Dr Lucy Blake


Lucy Blake is a Lecturer in Children, Young People and Families in the Faculty of Health and Social Care at Edge Hill University. Her research explores family relationships and parent’s and children’s psychological well-being. Lucy has conducted studies of families in which children have been conceived using assisted reproductive technologies. Using interview data from parents and children, she has explored how parents explain their use of donor eggs, sperm or surrogates, to their young children and how children think and feel about their families. More recently, Lucy’s research has explored the breakdown of relationships between family members in adulthood, which is sometimes referred to as estrangement.

Children and young people, parents and families, assisted reproductive technologies, family relationship breakdown.

Research Interests:
Children and young people’s perspectives on family relationships, parenting in non-traditional and/or new family structures, psychological well-being in families created using assisted reproductive technologies, family relationship breakdown.

Dr. Lucy Blake
BSc (Psychology), M Phil (Social and Developmental Psychology), PhD (Social and Developmental Psychology)
Lecturer in Children, Young People & Families
Office: Ormskirk campus, H005
Email: Lucy.Blake@edgehill.ac.uk

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