Dr Catherine Wilkinson

dsc_4889bCatherine Wilkinson has a BA (Hons) in Fashion Brand Management, an MSc in Marketing Management and a PhD in Environmental Sciences.

Catherine previously worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Durham University in the School of Education. Prior to this Catherine completed her PhD in Environmental Sciences at University of Liverpool, funded by an ESRC CASE award. Undertaking 18 months of ethnographic research, Catherine adopted a participatory mixed-methods approach to explore the ways in which young people use community radio as a platform to find and realise their voices, build stocks of social capital, and create their own communities and senses of belonging.
Alongside completing her PhD, Catherine held a part-time role as Researcher in Residence, conducting ethnographic research at a performing arts café, funded by Artsmethods and the Faculty of Humanities, The University of Manchester. This research explored the ways in which ethnography can be used to document live arts as they unfold in situ. Catherine is committed to culturally credible means of disseminating research, including the creation of audio artefacts, poetry, comic strips, and YouTube videos.

Research interests

Qualitative research, mixed methods, ethnography, participatory action research, young people, youth voice, community, community radio, social exclusion, and social capital.

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