We recognise that things can go wrong and that sometimes standards can fall short of what we expect and you may want to complain.  The University has a Student Complaints Procedure to deal with your complaint.

You can make a complaint if:

  • you are enrolled on a course at the University;
  • you have recently left the University provided you complain within one month of leaving.

If you have a concern about something relevant to the University which you want to draw to our attention but which is not a complaint about your own experience, please see below for our Serious Incidents Reporting Policy.

Key documents

We strongly advise you to read some key documents before making your complaint.

Essential reading for all complaints are:

You should also read whichever of the following guidance is relevant to the stage your complaint is at:

You may find it helpful to read the following documents:

  • Student Charter
  • Other relevant University regulations, policies and procedures


If you require any of the documents referred to on these pages in any other format, please contact the Student Cases Team:

  • in person at the Student Administration Helpdesk in the Student Administration Building;
  • by telephone on 01695 657248; or
  • by email to complaints@edgehill.ac.uk

Help, support, and advice

Support for students with a disability

The Inclusion Team is based in Catalyst and can provide help and support for students who have a disability.   You can contact them:

The Inclusion Team can discuss reasonable adjustments to the Student Complaints Procedure based on recommendations made in your needs assessment. If you have not declared your disability to the University, we encourage you to do so by contacting the Inclusion Team.

Edge Hill Students’ Union

Edge Hill Students’ Union is an independent organisation and provides free advice, guidance and representation.

You can contact EHSU:

Student Cases Team

The Student Cases Team manages the complaints process and can provide procedural advice to students and staff.

You can contact the Team:

  • in person at the Student Administration Helpdesk in the Student Administration Building;
  • by telephone on 01695 654369; or
  • by email to complaints@edgehill.ac.uk

Making a complaint

The complaints process has three stages:

  • Early Resolution – most complaints are resolved this way
  • Formal Investigation
  • Review

Unless you are asking for us to deal with your complaint by informal Early Resolution, you need to complete a Complaint Form.  If it is a Group Complaint, you will need to fill in a Complaint Form even if you would like to resolve it through informal Early Resolution.

Early Resolution

Early Resolution is an informal way of resolving your complaint at a local level with the department involved.

You do not have to complete a Complaint Form at this stage unless your complaint is part of a Group Complaint.

To find out how to deal with your complaint by Early Resolution read:

If you are unsure who to approach to raise your complaint informally, please contact:

  • the Student Cases Team; or
  • Edge Hill Students’ Union.

Formal Investigation

You can request a Formal Investigation of your complaint in the following circumstances:

  • your complaint is serious or complex;
  • you do not want to try to resolve your complaint through Early Resolution; or
  • you have tried to resolve it through Early Resolution and you are dissatisfied with the outcome.

To find out more about a Formal Investigation read:


If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the Formal Investigation, you can request a Review on certain grounds.  The Review will not usually consider your complaint afresh or conduct a further investigation.  The focus of a Review is on how your complaint has been dealt with.

To find out more about the Review stage read:

Time limits

You must make your complaint within three months of the date you were first affected by the subject matter of your complaint.

If you have left the University you must make your complaint within one month of leaving.

We do not routinely extend time limits for making complaints. If you have exceptional reasons for making a late complaint, we may use our discretion to accept it outside normal time limits.

More information about time limits is in the Student Complaints Procedure and Student Guidance – General.

There are other time limits at each stage of the process.

Group Complaints

If you are part of a group of students who wish to make a complaint about the same issue, we treat this as a Group Complaint.

To find out more about Group Complaints read:

To make a Group Complaint, you must complete the Group Complaint Form, even if you are seeking to resolve it through Early Resolution.  Use the Group Complaint Review Request Form at the Review stage.


If you are an apprentice studying on a higher or degree apprenticeship programme delivered by Edge Hill University, you are also a student of the University.  Our policies and procedures apply to you as they do to all students.

You can use the University’s Student Complaints Procedure to make a complaint about something the University has done or has failed to do.

If your complaint is about on-the-job training you receive from your employer, you should raise this under your employer’s internal procedures.

Your Commitment Statement contains a summary of your right to complain, including your right to complain to the Education Skills Funding Agency Apprenticeship Helpline at nationalhelpdesk@apprenticeships.gov.uk.

Studying at a partner organisation

We work with a number of partner organisations to provide learning opportunities for students.  We are responsible for the Academic Quality and Academic Standards of your course wherever you study.

You can make a complaint under our Student Complaints Procedure.  Start your complaint at Edge Hill University in the usual way unless you are studying at a partner Further Education College.

If you study at a partner Further Education College, the Early Resolution and Formal Investigation stages are usually completed using the College’s complaints procedure.  To make your complaint contact your College.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint investigated by your College, you can ask us to review it if it is about an academic matter.

If your complaint is about a non-academic matter you must ask your Further Education College to carry out the Review under its complaints procedure.

If you are unsure how to make your complaint, or where to start, contact the Student Cases Team for advice at Complaints@edgehill.ac.uk .

Serious incidents reporting

Edge Hill University is registered with, and regulated by, the Office for Students (OFS).  We are required to report serious incidents to the OFS.

A serious incident is one which may have a negative impact on the University and may result in:

  • a significant loss of University funds;
  • a risk of severe damage to the University’s reputation; or
  • the University being unable to comply with the ongoing conditions of its registration with the OFS.

If you think your complaint might be a serious incident, rather than a complaint, please read the Serious Incidents Reporting Policy.

For information or advice on reporting a serious incident or event please contact the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Steve Igoe at Steve.Igoe@edgehill.ac.uk

Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA)

When the University’s internal procedures are complete, if you are dissatisfied with the final outcome you can refer your matter to the OIA.  We will send you a Completion of Procedures letter which informs you of your right to ask the OIA to review your case. You can find further details about the OIA Scheme on the OIA website.