You can collect parcels or ‘signed for’ items from the FM Post Room at the Durning Centre during the following times:

  • Monday – Friday during term time: 7:00am – 7:00pm
  • Monday – Friday outside term time: 7:00am – 5:00pm

You will be sent notifications showing availability outside of term dates.

When a parcel or arrives for you our post room staff will email you. Please bring your reference number which will be in the subject heading of the email and your Unicard as ID. Please note these items are held for 4 weeks and are returned to sender if not collected within this time.

Please ensure you use the following address format for any post:

Full Name
Room Number and Hall
Edge Hill University
St Helens Road

Term Time Postcodes

AccommodationAreaPost Code
Main BuildingClough L39 4QP
Main BuildingStanley L39 4QP
Main BuildingJohn Dalton L39 4QP
Main BuildingLady Margaret L39 4QP
Back HallsEleanor RathboneL39 4AH
Back HallsEM ButterworthL39 4AH
Back HallsKatherine FletcherL39 4AH
Back HallsLady OpenshawL39 4AH
Back HallsMargaret BainL39 4AH
Forest CourtWillowL39 4AA
Forest CourtRowanL39 4AA
Forest CourtBeechL39 4AA
Forest CourtElmL39 4AA
Forest CourtAshL39 4AA
Forest CourtCedarL39 4AA
Forest CourtHollyL39 4AA
Forest CourtLarchL39 4AA
Forest CourtOakL39 4AA
Forest CourtMapleL39 4AA
Founders CourtMathesonL39 4AL
Founders CourtCrosfieldL39 4AL
Founders CourtBalfourL39 4AL
Founders CourtSmithL39 4AL
Founders CourtMcDairmidL39 4AL
Founders CourtHoltL39 4AX
Founders CourtFeuchselL39 4AX
Founders CourtFennemoreL39 4AX
Founders CourtDewhurstL39 4AX
Founders CourtSinclairL39 4AL
Founders CourtSarah YelfL39 4AL
Graduates CourtPryceL39 4AN
Graduates CourtNormantonL39 4AJ
Graduates CourtMaconieL39 4AP
Graduates CourtAinsworthL39 4AR
Graduates CourtAnnakinL39 4AQ
Chancellors CourtBlakeL39 4AW
Chancellors CourtBradshawL39 4AU
Chancellors CourtByronL39 4AU
Chancellors CourtBoothL39 4AW
Chancellors CourtFultonL39 4AU
Chancellors CourtMilnerL39 4AU
Chancellors CourtPinfoldL39 4AU
Chancellors CourtBinnsL39 4AW
Chancellors CourtLordL39 4AW
Chancellors CourtMeadonL39 4AW
Chancellors CourtBoyceL39 4AW
Chancellors CourtTomkinsL39 4AW
Chancellors CourtWilliamsL39 4AW
Chancellors CourtWilsonL39 4AW
Chancellors Court SouthAitkinL39 4QP
Chancellors Court SouthJenkinsL39 4QP
Chancellors Court SouthLavertyL39 4QP
Chancellors Court SouthMillinsL39 4QP
Chancellors Court SouthWelchL39 4QP
PalatineRoscoe HallL39 4AU
PalatineCarrington HallL39 4AU
PalatinePankhurst HallL39 4AU
PalatineGlazebrook HallL39 4AU
PalatineLowryL39 4AY
PalatinePeelL39 4AY
PalatineWilkinsonL39 4AY
Woodlands CourtA-YL39 4RZ

Our Commitment to You

Facilities Management will always strive to provide you with an efficient and effective Post Service. We are always open to comments and feedback from you as part of our monitoring process to ensure that our services continue to develop.


  • Royal Mail delivers standard mail and items sent via Tracked, Recorded and Special Delivery services to the University, Monday – Saturday. Royal Mail will not deliver on Sundays, public Bank Holidays, and during periods of University closure (eg. Winter holidays.)
  • Deliveries made Monday – Friday are processed the same day by Post Room staff; please note that items delivered on Saturdays will not be processed until the next working day, and students are unable to collect these items on the same day.

Couriered Packages, Valuable & Signed For Items

  • The Post Room is open to courier deliveries Monday – Friday, 7am – 5pm. Please note that there is currently no provision for weekend deliveries via the Post Room.
  • All items for students will be processed through our electronic notification system. For each of these items received, a reference number will be assigned and a notification email will be issued to the recipient informing them of an item needing collection.
  • The notification email will contain the reference number, and details concerning collection times, collection requirements and how to contact Post Room staff.
  • In most cases, couriered items that arrive will be processed the same day. Please note that there may be a delay in processing items which arrive during the evening or during high-traffic periods.
  • DO NOT come to the Durning Centre unless you have received a notification email. If you believe there is a parcel in the Post and Printroom for you, but you have not received a notification email, please email
  • Each item will be held for four weeks for collection. These four weeks will be measured from the date of the email being sent. Vacation periods will have no effect on hold time length.
  • A reminder email will be sent to the recipient for each item if it has not been collected after a week. This reminder will be repeated after two weeks if the item has not been collected.
  • If an item is returned, an email will be send to the recipient. The return address, if available, will be included in this email.

If you have any queries

Please contact the Post Room by phone, 01695 650475 or by email

What You Must Do


  • Collect all items promptly from the Durning Centre.
  • It is your responsibility for ensuring that all your correspondents have your most up to date address. If you move halls, or when you leave campus, you must immediately notify your correspondents of your new address. Examples of your correspondents include your bank, companies you order goods from and the Student Loans Company.
  • If you receive post which is not for you, i.e. post from the previous occupant/s of your room, you must return this post, to the Durning Centre
  • You must never open post which you believe is addressed to someone else.
  • After the Christmas and Easter vacations, please collect any items promptly from the Durning Centre as the hold limit will still apply during vacations.
  • When you leave university accommodation, for the summer or otherwise, you must collect any outstanding items from the Durning Centre Post Room before you vacate your hall.

Collecting Items

  • When collecting signed for items, always have to hand the reference numbers provided in the subject heading of the notification email.
  • Always produce photographic proof of identification (preferably a UniCard) and sign for items when collecting from the Durning Centre.
  • You should not order an item to your university address if you won’t be able to collect it within the four week hold time limit.
  • If you are on placement and not visiting the university for several weeks, you should order items to the address where you’re staying whilst on placement.
  • If you wish to have your signed for item redirected, please follow the instructions within the automated notification email for each item.
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