What is the Graduate School?

Who We Are

Research degrees at Edge Hill are organised and run centrally. The Graduate School is the mechanism by which the University does that. The Graduate School is a centrally coordinated network of staff working in the service of the University as a whole on research degree matters. That means that most staff are not solely engaged in Graduate School work but have other responsibilities in faculties and departments. There is, however, also a smaller number of staff with specific dedicated research degree roles that is responsible for the central coordination of the wider Graduate School work.

Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) registration is in the Graduate School, not the department or faculty in which PGRs are located during their studies. PGRs will be housed in a department or faculty in order to provide them with convenient access to academic staff working in their discipline, and therefore to a relevant subject-specific research culture. In the case of GTAs, the host department or faculty will provide relevant teaching opportunities. The Graduate School, however, is the University’s means for organising and running all elements of research degrees.

The Graduate School is responsible for ensuring PGRs receive appropriate supervision, and for making any changes to supervision as necessary. It is also responsible for ensuring the best possible postgraduate researcher experience and making any alterations to facilitate that. It also oversees training for both PGRs and supervisors, and in doing so ensures the sharing of good practice in accordance with relevant regulations, policies, procedures and guidance.

What we do

In managing research degrees, the Graduate School:

  • Is responsible for the research degree regulations and all procedural and regulatory documentation in relation to research degrees;
  • Makes decisions regarding extensions, interruptions of study, composition of supervisory teams and examination teams, project registration and progression examination, PGR progress, changes to mode of study, changes of programme.
  • Manages all administration in relation to the postgraduate researcher experience;
  • Organises all researcher development programme activity for PGRs across all years of registration, along with the central PGR induction;
  • Provides an annual induction for all new supervisors;
  • Is responsible for coordinating the planning, and delivery, of research degree supervisor development;
  • Reviews any, and all, PGR feedback across each academic year from several channels including the Research Degree Representatives;
  • Administers the Graduate School Bursary awards;
  • Provides support and guidance for the University’s PGRcommunity.

The Graduate School also services the following University committees:

  • The Graduate School Board of Studies (GSBoS), which awards research degrees;
  • Research Degrees Sub-committee.  Your research degree representatives sit on RDSC.

If you would like to find out more about research degrees at Edge Hill, please contact [email protected].

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