Fitness to practise

A number of  Edge Hill programmes lead to professionally recognised qualifications.

To be successful in these programmes you must achieve in both academic and non-academic elements. Non-academic elements include physical and mental health, moral and behavioural matters.

Your demonstrated behaviour must satisfy the University that you are a safe and suitable entrant to your chosen profession.

If your behaviour raises a concern, your tutor, department or faculty will talk to you in the first instance. Where possible we will give you the support you need to learn from your mistakes.

However, if concerns about your behaviour continue we may need to take further action. For example, if your behaviour is high risk or contravenes University regulations.

Your faculty may then refer your case to a fitness to practise panel. This is a serious step and the consequences could be significant.

Please see Appendix 17 of the Academic Regulations for full details of our fitness to practise procedures.

Appealing a fitness to practise decision

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a fitness to practice panel, you can appeal. Your appeal must be under one or more of the following grounds:

  • Procedural irregularities in the fitness to practise process
  • Bias or perception of bias at any point in the process
  • New evidence not previously available to the panel which may undermine their decision
  • The decision was unreasonable in all the circumstances

Please complete the fitness to practise appeal form and submit it to the Student Casework team. You must submit your appeal within 10 days of receiving the panel’s decision.

Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA)

When the University’s internal procedures are complete, we will send you a completion of procedures letter. This explains that if you are dissatisfied with the final outcome you can refer your matter to the OIA for review. You can find further details about the OIA Scheme on the OIA website.

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